7th Dimension/Pineal Gland

The 7th dimension holds the matrix for all healing light.  If you are a healer you are from the 7th dimension.  This is where the Elven are from.  But they incarnate and “evolve” just as humans so they don’t all remember this aspect of themselves just as you.  It is the dimension of Light, golden Light where all is one, this dimension holds the “Spark” that animates.  It is the fire in the multi-verse that gets it all going.  There is no differentiation in the 7th just Light, cohesive Light.  But it is not stagnant, it is dynamic, it moves and swirls it will be difficult for your mind to describe that which you have no words for. You can see it, I know, but not fully understand it.  That is OK.  Can you feel it?  Yes.  Describe that.
It is like being in water without feeling wet and the water is thick but with no temperature.  It feels alive and I am in it, but not separate from it.  I move, flow around, it feels kinetic, I feel potential.  There is anticipation, will we be called upon?  Are we needed? There is popping/crackling/sparks as we swirl.  It feels, I feel good, at peace, content, liquid, fluid.  All so uncomplicated.  I can feel it when my mind invades and attempts to figure it out, more to give more details or to attempt to quantify it in some way.  It begins to feel complicated, unreal.  I feel myself being compressed down into a tiny kernel of light and placed into this body where everything is complicated.  The pineal.  That is where it is, the kernel.  Feel it expand within you, give yourself over to it.  Allow the blueprint of all it holds to wash through your body, reset it, regenerate it.  There is unlimited potential there in that kernel of the 7th dimension in our pineal.  We all have it.  That is the spark or where the spark ignites us, fuels us.  It runs the show.  We are all healers because of this.  We all have the ability to heal ourselves by reconnecting with our pineal  Feel it expand, feel it swirl, allow yourself to float in it, surrender to it.  See your entire body as fluid light, watch where the fluid flows, where it doesn’t.  Which areas light up, which do not?  Send the Light into those areas, reconnect them into the 7th dimension, allow the flow of the LIght to remove or wash away obstructions allowing all areas to fill with golden light.  Drop your head beneath the Light, into the Light.  It seems like water but you are able to breathe.  Breathe deeply, fill your lungs with light, allow your heart to pump it to your whole body through your arteries into the tiniest capillaries down your arms and into your hands and fingers, into your torso, filling your belly and all of your organs, filling your pelvic bowl and all of your reproductive organs, down into your legs, knees, feet and toes.  Feel it shooting out of your toes and fingers and connecting your internal world with your external world making a large golden bubble all around you.  Keep circulating this golden light around and around, internal to external, feel it reconnecting you, reweaving, reconstructing, re-membering.  You are a member of the 7th dimension, to heal we must re-member.  Blessed Be.  Chills. Tears. Gratitude. Love.  The elven star is a 7 pointed star.  This is not a coincidence.  It is a portal to this dimension, to the 7th.  See the star in your pineal, it is there, it is there.  This is the blueprint of the pineal, its energetic signature, shape.  It is the shape of the 7 pointed star.  Feel that in your pineal, in your head.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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