Shift Happens

Shift Happens.  And it has been happening for millennia.  Only our limited concepts of time force us to think of it as an “event”, a date on the calendar; one day you wake up and it’s Armageddon.  Sure, catastrophic events do happen, we are after all living on a huge celestial body traveling through space.  Anything could happen, that is always truth.  The shift, however, as “events” go is not something requiring a countdown clock.  Unless you’re interested in counting down the minutes until you pass back into Spirit which many of us seem hardwired to do.  All this aside, this shift in consciousness is an evolutionary process for the soul and it is not about how fast we can do it, but about how thoroughly.  We are Spirit beings living a physical life, learning about all things “matter”.  “What’s the matter?” We seem to say that quite a bit, the “matter” is us.  We are the “matter” or we “matter”.  I love it when a word starts to look different like that, did you see it?  A shift.  Learning about being the “matter” is a 3rd dimensional lesson.  It “matters” that we learn all we can about the body, experience it in all different ways, health, disease, disability, short, tall, skinny, fat, beautiful, ugly, light, dark.  We experience life in this duality until we begin to transcend the physical.  We may have moments where we “feel” or “see” or “hear” something that our minds cannot explain.  Our “sixth sense” begins to awaken as we expand to embody the 4th dimension.  The 4th dimension is to the astral body what the 3rd dimension was for the etheric.  In the astral/4th dimension we experience the physical through our emotions.  Our auras expand, we take in more of the energies around us which allows us to feel what others are feeling, the birth of compassion.  The seat of the 4th dimension in our bodies is in the heart.  This new way of being can sometimes be overwhelming so we often cycle between the 3rd and 4th until we reach a place of relative ease within our hearts.  I say relative because it is a challenging place to live from.  The heart is paradoxical and is often confusing.  This is where humanity on this earth plane is right now, cycling between the 3rd and 4th dimensions, learning about what it means to feel.  If you can feel what others feel it makes it very difficult to continue believing that we are separate, it becomes very difficult to judge, to hate, to be violent.  The more we shift away from the 3rd to learn the lessons of the 4th the way we have been living will begin to disintegrate because it will no longer hold enough of our energy in thought forms to continue existing.  Are you ready?  It is OK if you are not, you may continue where you are, you simply may have less company.
It is important to understand that you already hold all dimensions within you.  You are already whole and complete, you are PERFECT.  Wow, how did that feel?  Are you able to hear that, to feel it, to take it in?  This awareness takes the work out of living.  When you realize there is nothing you need to “DO” you can simply “BE”.  We are after all human “BEings” not human “DOings”.  You are already done, your only “job” here is to experience life.  Really take it all in, this requires our attention, to everything, even simple tasks that we generally consider mundane.  You may have heard of this concept before, it is simply called mindfulness.  Bringing your full awareness to your entire life, every aspect of it.    As you experience life your consciousness expands and you are able to hold more energy which translates as a new dimension.  Does this mean that when you shift from the 3rd to the 4th or from the 4th to the 5th that you never feel or experience those dimensions again?  No, remember that we hold all dimensions within us at all times, it is simply our awareness and readiness to embody them that keeps us where we are.  There are times when you will be living consistently in the 4th dimension but occasionally experience 3rd dimensional moments.  The same for higher dimensions.  You may be in the 3rd and have a 5th dimensional experience, like a flash.  When more of us begin resonating at the higher dimensional levels that is when we begin to see changes being reflected on our environment.  Just as how we had been personally living no longer works as we resonate at higher levels,  the way our world works will reflect that inner change as well.  Re-member Ghandi?  “Be the change you want to see in the world” hmm it’s all starting to come together now.

There are so many differing schools of thought around the shift.  From earth exploding/pole shifts ending all life on the planet to Armageddon to…what I have been told is that they are all true.  There is no one way to experience life, there are myriad.  Think of your life like a diamond.  When you shine a light through the diamond you see all of the facets shimmering out into the air.  Your life is the diamond and each ray from the diamond is a path your life is walking, simultaneously.  Now think of the diamond as Spirit living though you and living out each path.  When we meditate/pray/still our minds, we reconnect with the diamond, to All that Is and can look out at the myriad of possibilities that are being played out.  The diamond is the confluence.  It is where we go to recharge, redirect, re-focus, reeducate, re-orient, remember.  “Re-Member” where we can be in contact with all of our aspects, our whole self,  reconnect with all of our “members”.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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