Chapter One, Part 2

thankfully near the tree line as she was there, sitting by herself in the clearing.   The moon blanketing her with milky white beams making her skin glow translucent, almost “other”.   Ancient mother oaks surrounded the clearing like kindly grandmothers standing watch over her.   But what was she doing here in this meadow in the middle of the night all by herself?  Is that safe in this realm, I don’t think so…but she does have protection after all.  She is of the Fae and we are all sworn to guard her and others like her provided they are of the proper ilk and reverence.  She definitely is that.  This meadow, the portal, how did I not know of this before, there must be 100’s of the Fae here of all kinds.   It is like a little city of the Fae in this realm, how did I not know this?  “We are not of your realm King Riethwael,” said a tiny voice.  I looked down to see a tiny forest sprite flittering around me.  Her hair brilliant fiery red with tight ringlets of curls cascading down around her round perfect face.  Her eyes chocolaty brown and lit with compassion.
“I am Adella.  She comes here all the time, especially on the full moon.   She senses us and the magick that is here but does not see us.  She will see you though, is that your wish?”
“Not yet” I replied and moved deeper into the forest.
“The trolls are especially protective of her, so beware.”  She warned.
“Thank you, I will bear that in mind.”  She flew away and left me slack-jawed and in awe staring finally at my Queen.  She is even more beautiful without the veil shrouding her.  I don’t know that mere words will do justice to her beauty or to what I am feeling inside right now.  I am trembling in the forest, hiding from this creature… Sigh.  If only I could walk out and lace my fingers through her hair, warm polished maple with streaks of fire and sunshine.  Waves gently framing her oval face skin, lightly kissed by the sun from tending her garden.  Hands long and slim yet filthy not delicate, she is a strong woman who is not afraid of the earth.  Open your eyes, I allowed my thought to drift to her.  I don’t know why it startled me when she did and she began searching the tree line.  Oh!   She is looking right at me, can she see me?  I held my breath and then she looked away, got to her feet, which were bare and dirtier than her hands, and began to dance under the moonlight.  Oh, so beautiful.  Her eyes were shining, twinkling like blue moons, twirling, twirling among the sprites and faeries.  My smile was so wide if the moon shone upon me, I would have lit up the field.  I have never known such joy in my heart.  Watching her dance, it’s as though she sees them dancing with her.  They are in perfect unison, how could she see them?  Even with Fae in her blood, she would not be able to know.  It is forbidden for her to know about us and our existence.  I mean, everyone has their opinions and there are those who claim to be “believers” but they don’t really know us or see us.  They just dream about it and wish it were all true.  Ha.  If only they knew.    The dance continued as she lept in a circle around the clearing then back to the center where she turned to face the east and bowed deeply, with reverence and love.  “Guardians of the East, I thank you for your presence here tonight and your gifts of wisdom, I release you.  Blessed be.  Guardians of the North, I thank you for your presence here tonight and for your gift of grounding, I release you.  Blessed be.  Guardians of the West, I thank you for your presence here tonight and for your gift of intuition and sight, I release you.  Blessed be.  Guardians of the South, I thank you for your presence here tonight and for your gift of passion, I release you.  Blessed be.  Great Mother, Spirit Father, thank you for joining with me this full moon night.   Being with you and dancing with all of the faery folk here tonight under the full moon has filled my heart with immeasurable joy!  The circle is closed but not broken may all beings be blessed with the love and wisdom of the God and Goddess, so mote it be!”  She then gave a royal curtsy before picking up a torch and running off down the dark, really dark forest trail.  I should follow her to make sure she is safe and makes it home.  “Ouch!! Hey! What the… Ouch!  Stop!”  Something kept bashing at my shins and knees.  I looked down to see a band of trolls with huge clubs barricading the way before me.  “Get out of my way, I need to follow…Ouch!  OK, stop clubbing me, please!”
“We protect the fair lady from all who would do her ill.”  said the lead troll.
“Come on guys, I seriously don’t mean her any harm, she is my Queen…”
“She never mentioned anything about a king and we’ve never seen you here before, why should we believe you?”
“I am Riethwael of Killemitore, I have come through the veil to claim my Queen and to…” Thunk
“We will not allow you to take our lady, go back now and we will allow you to live.”
Big sigh.  I didn’t want to have to do this…I waved my hand over myself and vanished.  I lept over the surly trolls and ran as fast as I could trying to catch up to her.  I emerged from the forest at another clearing with some type of vehicle parked in it.  She was inside.  I uncloaked myself but stayed hidden as I watched her inside.  Is that what she lives in?  Strange.  Doesn’t seem fitting for her to be living in a metal house on wheels.  I wonder what they call that?  They were right back home; I need to get acquainted with the locals before I approach her.  She is going to bed now, sigh.  I climbed a nearby tree and watched her until she turned out the lights and then I just sensed her until I fell asleep. Climbing the tree turned out to be fortuitous for myriad reasons.  1.  The trolls showed up and they were pissed.  They started hacking at the tree trying to fell me but when her dogs began to bark, they ran off and disappeared into the forest.  2.  Her dogs.  I didn’t anticipate her dogs.  They will be able to smell that I am hiding something.  Thankfully, they can’t talk to her…oh shit.  She can probably communicate with them, it is one of the Fae gifts.  Well, I’ll just have to meet her for the “first” time away from the dogs and then when I win her trust she will bring me here and the dogs won’t be as suspicious.  I hope.  Morning dawned quickly; thankfully, I was still up in the tree.  She’s up and out with her dogs.  Just look at her, still in her bedclothes, soft and warm with sleep.  So sweet, if only I could drop down out of this tree and go to her now.  My mind began to wander and I saw myself standing before her.  She looked to me, her face brightening with the recognition of love.  I wait and she begins to walk toward me, sensuously and sinuously like a cat.  Oh dear Goddess, I can see every lift and curve and peak of that delicious body through that flimsy t-shirt she’s wearing, my heart is pounding so loudly I’m surprised the woods aren’t shaking.  She reaches me and slips her hands around my waist; I’m trembling.  We embrace and our energies merge in reunion.  I can almost taste her.  My breath catches as she grasps the back of my shirt and begins pulling it out of my pants.  I lean back slightly to allow her to take it off and then immediately pull her back in.  Oh, the sensation of her body against my bare chest sends ripples of excitement through me; I think I could light up a Yule tree.  My hands softly meet the hem of her tiny shirt and slip underneath to her bare back.  Her skin so warm and silky or is it like velvet; can it be both?  My hands trace the contours of her back as she yields to my touch.  She begins to back up slightly, my instinct is to pull her back tightly then I realize it is to allow me to remove her shirt as well, I do.  She raises her arms to allow.  Oh.  Words.  Gone.  I am awestruck, dumbstruck.  Do I kiss her?  Take her mouth or her breasts; I want them both right now.  She places her arms on my shoulders as if she sensed my dilemma and hoisted herself up into my arms; I catch her hips in my hands as she wraps her legs around my waist.  Her face inches from mine, the kiss it is then.  I can smell the sweetness of her breath and the adoration from her scent.  Slowly, slowly, she is to treasure not to consume, I brush my lips across her cheek, I hear a deep moan almost a purr, it pulls my attention away for a second, then I realize it is her.  She enjoys me, too.  I smile, meeting her eyes; she is smiling, too.  As our lips meet…


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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