Chapter One, Part 3

Thud.  Oh shit, I fell out of the tree.  Ouch.  The dogs start barking furiously, oh shit they are coming out here, think… I shudder “elf to tree.”   The dogs stop right in front of me; they are not fooled in the least by my masquerade as a tree and continued their incensed barking and began jumping upon me.  The one she calls Jake lifted his leg and peed on me.  Great, thanks buddy.  Now what?  Oh, here she comes.  “What’s the matter dogs?  Why are you barking at that tree?  Did you tree a squirrel or something?  Come on, let it go, let’s go, now.”  They ignored her, intent upon rousting me from my façade.  “Who wants to eat?”  she said in a sing-songy voice.   Eat, hungry.  I’ve never lasted this long.  OK, as soon as she goes back inside I need to find food.  I’ll return to the meadow and see if any of the faeries are still there, they may know where to get food.  I’ll have to avoid the trolls; they are bound to be harboring some resentment from last night.  Finally, she gets the dogs called off and back into the, uh, house thing on wheels.  She stands and stares at me trying to figure out what and why her dogs were barking so intently.  “It’s just a tree.”  she mumbled as she shook her head.  Excuse me?  Yeah, just a tree you are going to hand-fast my lady.  “Isn’t it?”  She continued staring at me “it is an unusually beautiful tree” she sighed.  That’s better.  She approached to get a better look, “remarkable, it’s as if the tree is glistening, how have I never noticed this tree before?”  Then she touched me/my bark and ran her hands up and down the trunk.  I can hardly stand it, would she be too frightened if I turned back just now?  Could I explain… no bad idea.  Now she is smelling me.  “So sweet and wild, it almost smells like a man, a woodsy man with just a hint of sweat from a long hike.  Mmmmm.” The inhale she took practically sucked me right out of the tree.  I felt my body trembling; I was losing control of the form, I had to get her away, now.  She wrapped her arms around my tree trunk and pressed her body into it as she languished in my aroma, bathed in it while moaning with pleasure.  “Wow, it felt like the tree just quivered, no that’s crazy,” she said to herself.  Think, Riethwael, you’re about to lose it, all of it.  A cat, conjured of course, runs past the house thing and screeches; the dogs erupt in barking.  It breaks her trance with the tree; she let go and backed up.  She shook her head in confusion and gave an incredulous stare in my direction.  Don’t look at me like I’m crazy, you practically made love to a tree, I laughed to myself.  As she turned to walk back, my heart longed for her return.  So sweet, even if I could not enjoy her fully. That was close.  She entered the house thing and closed the door.  Sigh.  “Air to Elf” I whisper and take off running through the forest.  Elation.  I am smiling so hard it feels as if my cheeks will crack.  I found the meadow bright and sunny, still charged with electricity and magick from the previous nights proceedings.  Does she realize the power she wields, I wonder?  There is no one here, they must have returned while the moon was still full.  I’ll go into the forest and see what I can find.  Wild strawberries, nettle shoots, fiddleheads, mushroom, this should be a good start, these are all things that I eat in my realm.  I greedily gather the strawberries first then stop and thank the Mother for her gifts.  I stuff them in my mouth waiting for the soothing sweet juices to flow…”ack!  Oh my dear Goddess, these taste horrible, bitter.  Are these even strawberries?  I’ll try the fiddleheads, ptoo, ptoo, ptoo.  Why does everything taste so bad?”  I was very disheartened and getting cranky from hunger.  What was I going to do?  I could not go home until the next full moon and I cannot go with out eating for that long.  Dejected, I slunk to the forest floor.  As I sat feeling quite sure I was going to die, I heard Ingwe’s voice in my head “by ground and by land, sustenance at hand, not man but elf the form command.”  I shook my head in frustration and annoyance, not the damned riddle again; I don’t know what it means.  Wait; was she trying to show me how I can feed myself here?  “Not man but elf the form command,” I repeated aloud, my brain working feverishly.  Oh!  My form, is that the key?  If I shift back to elf then I will be able to eat?  Is it really that simple?  With a shudder my form changes subtly, my ears pop out, my skin lightens to translucent porcelain…now to eat.  I tried the strawberries first, “oh dear Goddess I can eat!  Blessed be, Ingwe!”  The sweet red juices poured down my chin and streaked my throat.  Now for some fiddleheads, yes so tender, so tasty, the mushrooms all of it!  Oh joy!  There is a bounty here in the forest and I can stay as long as I need to now!  I just can’t eat in front of my queen.  Hmmm, this may end up being a problem…well, I’ll deal with that later.  For now I feast.  I ate everything I could get my hands on, bark, nuts, and berries.  I ate until I felt like I would burst and then I laid back in the sunshine and recalled my fantasy in the tree from this morning.  I can’t believe I fell out of the tree, just when I was about to kiss her.  I’ve never fallen from a tree in all of my hundreds of years, never.  My annoyance waned as I returned my thoughts to the sight of her, the scent of her, the taste.  Ripples of excitement fluttered through my elven body.  The sensations are even stronger when I’m not trying to maintain human form.  That will make her return with me even sweeter.  I allowed my mind to drift; she will wear forest green and a veil of gossamer with lilacs tucked in to her hair.  I will wash her hands and feet in rose and lily of the valley scented waters as we cleanse for the hand fasting. I’m holding her foot, first my eye then my hand slowly climbs, first the ankle then the curve of her calf and the tender hollow behind her knee.  Her body trembles as my hand continues its journey to caress her soft warm thigh leading to the kingdom… groan.  Someone is coming, who?  Gasp.  Trolls.  How are they still here?  Crap.  “Elf to air”, I shudder and disappear.  They are patrolling.  Wow, they weren’t kidding about protecting her.   In order for this to work, I need to negotiate some type of truce with the trolls.  I need them, if not on my side at least to give me access.   We need to find a common ground.  That’s easy; the common ground is her, her safety and her love.  I need to convince them that we are on the same side and perhaps then they will back off.  I take a deep breath and prepare for battle.  This is not going to be easy.  “Air to Elf”, I shudder.  I am standing in the center of the meadow when I reappear.  It takes about 5 seconds for them to notice me before they charge, clubs raised, faces red, voices raging.  They are running at me as fast as their little legs can carry them.  I hold out my hands in a gesture of peace.  They surround me but do not attack.  “Elf, what is your business here?”  The lead troll demanded.  “I simply seek your counsel, master troll.”  I bowed my head deferentially; I thought that was a good touch.
“Speak,” he said
“I would like access to the lady…”
“Stop.  Denied.  Anything else before we destroy you?” demanded the lead troll.
“Wait, please, hear me out, will you?  We want the same thing, really we do.  Allow me to explain.”  There was silence among the trolls now; some sidelong glances between them revealed that they were considering my words.
“OK then, what is it that we supposedly have in common?”  he asked incredulously
“The lady, we all want her to be safe, agreed?”  There was a general nodding of heads and grumbling approvals.  “Go on” the lead troll said.  “We all love her, yes?”  Their cheeks flushed and then eyes simultaneously widened and then averted looking down at their feet and kicking stones.   I smiled inwardly, they were embarrassed, it was almost cute, if you could call a troll cute.  They really did love her.  I said that as a long shot but I obviously hit very close to home.  “So?”  I asked
The lead troll was gruff and defiant, “you wish to take her from us, we cannot allow that.”
“I just want to spend time with her, be with her.  I don’t need to take her away.”  I replied.  OK, so it was a lie.  I did plan on taking her away but they didn’t need to know that.
“Why should we believe you?”  He asked
“I only want what is best for her, that’s all.  She seems to love it here, I would not do anything that is against her heart.”  That was truth.  My mind started wondering, what if she doesn’t want to leave with me, what then?  I can’t think about that right now, cross that bridge…
“OK” he said tentatively, “so what is it that you want then?”
“Let me help you, protect her I mean.  I can go with her as a man where you cannot.  I can help you see to her safety.  Are there places she goes that you cannot?”  I asked hopefully.
“Yes, actually.  We, um, er, uh feel very anxious when she goes into the water.”  He said.
“Water?  As in a lake or stream, is there one nearby, I have not seen it?  Wait, why can’t you protect her around water?”  I asked curiosity burning inside of me.
“Well, uh” the lead troll stammered nervously, he was clearly embarrassed by this.  “We, uh, are afraid of the water” he stated.
“Really?!” I asked incredulously “but you build bridges over water and live under them, how…?”
“Why do you think we build bridges, if we liked water, we’d just slog through it.”  He replied with anger in his voice.
“That makes sense…OK then, so where is this lake that she goes to?”
“No lake.  It is the water in her house that she goes into.  We don’t like it, at all.  It’s this box and the water comes down from the top and we don’t understand how it doesn’t fill up and drown her.  You can protect her there?”  He asked now with desperation in his voice.  It began to dawn on me what he was talking about.  “In her house, you say?”  I try to conceal my smile and excitement as I realize they are talking about her morning bathing ritual and what they are offering to me.  “I can protect her there… it would be an honor to help…” As I said the words, especially about it being an honor that I felt like a thief.  When they cheered for me I had to concede.  With a deep sigh I added “but I cannot right now.”  Their cheers turned to confusion.   “I cannot because the water of which you speak is her bath and it is a private place in which no one can enter without invitation.  I would gladly go, with invitation, but it would dishonor the lady if I were to insinuate myself there and that I will not do.”  The trolls stared pensively at me for quite some time then conceded that they agreed with me and were reassured that my intentions were honorable.
“So you want access to our lady then?”
“Very much so” I replied humbly.
“Well, it would be helpful to have an ally who shares her form.”  There was a long silence as they considered the possibility of alliance.  “OK, King…what do you call yourself?”
“King Riethwael of Killemitore”
“OK, King Riethwael of Killemitore, you have access to our lady as long as she agrees to it.”  There seemed to be more to this concession so I waited not taking a breath.  “On one condition” the lead troll said with a devilish grin.  “You must tell her who you are and what your intentions are when at first you meet, if she then agrees to share time with you, we will not object.”  He was proud of himself; he knew exactly what he was asking and what the probable result would be.  How could I agree to this?   It is too soon, she is not ready to know who I am, she will be frightened or something and turn away.  I took some breaths to still my heart and my mind.  OK, perhaps this isn’t so bad.  They didn’t say I had to go to her in my Elven form just that I had to tell her.  Maybe she won’t believe me and it will be a little joke that we share…and a lovely story to tell our children someday…deep sigh.  “OK master troll, as you wish.  I will tell her who I am and my intentions to make her my queen.”
“Excellent King Riethwael, that is a wise choice as your other option was for us to club you to death.”
“I thought as much…” I replied sourly.  “I will go to her now, in her house on wheels and declare myself” and I turned to run away to her.
“She is no longer there, King” the lead troll called to him with laughter in his voice “market day, she is in town.  We will lead you there, we would like to witness your destruction.”  The laughter among them hearty and full, “it will be fun to see her reject you in front of everyone in town.”  My heart seized.  I really wanted to do this alone.  Well, I’m not going to push my luck and more, my hand thrust out forward “lead the way fellas” I said with confidence tinged lightly with fear.  I felt like a prisoner being lead to my execution.  Flanked by trolls on all sides, marching through the woods I shuddered “elf to man” and shifted forms.  “May I ask your name?”  I asked the lead troll.  He looked at me rolled his eyes and replied, “you can ask.”  “OK, what are you called master troll?” trying to sound deferential and respectful.  He puffed out his chest with intense pride and said, “I am Garthor and these are my men, we have been guarding the lady for many moons.    “How many moons exactly?”  He did not reply.  “I am curious about something…” I waited to see if he would respond.  When he looked at me I proceeded “In my realm, the trolls are much larger than you, I mean no offense but, they are really much, much bigger say 3 times your size…” He interrupted me with a waving off of his hand.  “We came here 232 moons ago, we were younglings then.  We were captivated by the lady as are you and we missed our passage back through the veil.  We have aged but not grown since we have been here, as will happen to you if you miss the next full moon portal.”
“Ah, that makes sense, but why can’t you just return with the next full moon?”
“That is not how the veil works King Riethwael.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you get 28 days, from moon to moon, if passage is not made you will never be able to return.”
“But, I have come through the veil subsequent full moons and the portal is always open”
“Yes, to here it is, but not back again.  I know something of your plans young Riethwael.  To come here and court our lady make her fall in love with you and return with her to your realm to make her your Queen.  But if she is not convinced and she ‘sees’ you and you return without her, she will be marked for certain death.  If you stay here with her without returning to bid your people farewell, then it will be the two of you who shall die together.”
“What are you saying, exactly?!”
“That you must be certain that she will return with you before she ‘sees’ you or you are condemning her to death.”
“Shit.  Great.  Why didn’t anyone in my realm tell me this?”
“Only those who have pierced the veil can know its secrets.”
“So, if she sees me and won’t return with me, she will die.  And if she sees me and I choose to never return, we both die.  What is/are my options then?”
“You must earn her love in the honesty of sight and return back home under the full moons light.  For her to live to be free from plight, come back to her that very night.”
“OK, OK, OK.  So, she has to truly see me and still love me, I then have to leave her to return to my kingdom, free my people from my rule and return back to her while the moons is still full?”
“What if…”
“No, there are no other options.”
“But you do understand that time is different between our realms… it will take time to settle…”
“You will have an 8 hour window from the time the moon goes full to return”
“I started to hyperventilate, my aura began to crackle, I was losing control of my form.
“Oh, come on now, pull yourself together, we are doing you a favor, making you reveal yourself straight away, now you will have more time to convince her you’re not a complete idiot.”
“Or you are just condemning her to death” I retorted
“No, young King, that would be you” Garthor was silent for the remainder of the journey into town.
Should I just leave her and wander the forest until the moon rises full again?  Am I endangering her with my love?  How can all of this be true?  My grief threatened to overwhelm me.  My eyes glistened not with magick but with remorse.  How can I live without her if to see me will cause her harm?  Am I being selfish in my persistence…shouldn’t she have a choice?  I sank deeper and deeper into my brood as we approached town.  I noticed people looking at me with puzzled expressions, I quickly checked my form, it was intact, it must be my mood and the way I am walking as if in shackles.  No one can see the trolls I reminded myself, walk normally.  I had made a deal with the trolls to protect her perhaps the best way to do that is to simply disappear and never reveal myself to her.  Never hold her in my arms or glide my fingers through her silky hair.  Oh dear Goddess, what do I do??  At that moment I looked up and found myself very close to her table.  She was there and two of her friends were arguing with her about her safety living alone in the woods.  Why is everyone around her so obsessed with her safety, is she in constant danger?  She is the only one who appears unaffected by the seemingly high level of danger that surrounds her.  I just stand back and listen, I am pretending to be interested in something at the table in front of me, some pamphlet about my soul being damned.  Humorous.  I am trying to tune into the conversation when the kindly older woman who runs the table where I am hiding beside begins to talk to me.  “Hi there, how are you?!” she asked in a very squeaky sing-songy and enthusiastic voice.
“Fine” I reply barely even moving my head enough to acknowledge her existence.  I am hoping she can read my body language well enough and leave me alone.  Alas, it appears she cannot.  “So, are you saved?”  she asked.  It took a moment to allow the question to register in my brain “saved?  From what?”  I asked genuinely confused by the question.  “Hmm?  You know, your soul, saved from hell?”  she responded.  I wish she would stop talking to me, I can’t hear what is being said at my queen’s table and I don’t know or care what she is talking about.  “Hell?  Ah, um, yeah sure, I was saved just his morning.”
“Oh, really?!  Just this morning?  She exclaimed so loudly that a hush fell over the market and everyone stopped and looked in our direction.  “Tell me all about it!”  Shit.
“OK…there I was lying in the meadow, all alone or so I thought when a band of trolls surrounded me and threatened to kill me.  I convinced them that I could help them do their job of protecting the lady they love, so they let me live.  There you have it, I was saved!”  I smiled, proud of the look that I had placed on her face.  That’s when it happened.  “That was perfect, here allow me to save you for a second time today” I looked up at the face connected to the voice and the hand resting gently on my arm and I nearly fainted.  It was she.  The woman that I had traversed dimensions to be reunited with, the woman who would become my Queen.  Her eyes sparkling like blue moons, her smile warm and sweet, her scent, intoxicating like warm cinnamon rolls.  I felt tiny beads of sweat forming on my neck, my stomach fluttering.  “Come on” she tilted her head, “it’s safer over here” and she led me back to her table.  I followed her back not knowing what to do or say.  To say I was flustered would have been a gross understatement.
“I’m telling you, she’d be safer staying with us”.
“But if she doesn’t want to Tor, then we can’t make her.”
“I know, Raina, but she’s all alone out there in the woods…”
“I’d hardly say she was all alone, have you not noticed the army of Fae surrounding this woman?”  They stared at me like I had an extra head.  Quick form check…no, no extra head, good.   “They are with her always however it’s really the trolls you need be concerned with, they wish to crack your kneecaps with their clubs.”  I was trying to sound light and comical to break the tension at the table.  She smiled, “See, you have nothing to worry about Tor, I am in good hands” she replied.  I don’t know if I’d go that far, she is actually in more danger now but…
“Thanks for the save” she beamed “I’m Rhianna but everyone calls me Rhiann.”  She held out her hand to me.  Rhianna means enchantress I thought to myself as I took her hand into mine, holding it briefly before bringing it up to my mouth to kiss.  “Rhianna, the enchantress, that you are.  In my realm you are Luthien.  I am Riethwael, Elf King of Killemitore and I am here to claim you as my Queen.”  I gently kissed her hand allowing my lips to linger slightly longer than is protocol for an introductory hand kiss in order to savor her delicious aroma.  She flushed the most beautiful shade of rose; my heart erupted.  Her friends were still at the table staring aghast at the exchange, I was still holding her hand when the man named Tor exploded, “ok, that settles it Rhi, you are moving into our guest house tonight, bring the dogs, the child everyone…except this guy, who the hell is this guy?” He asked his voice angry and laced with sarcasm, eyes rolling thumbing over to me.  His words simply frizzled into the air, we were captivated in this moment; her hand in mine slowly leaving my lips, kiss etched permanently on our souls.  Our eyes meeting, drinking in the other as if our thirst was insurmountable.  I heard this annoying clicking sound coupled with a growl by my ear and our trance was broken, the world had barged in and laid waste to the most beautiful moment in recorded and unrecorded history.  She gently removed her hand from mine, I reluctantly let it go and then said “but you can call me Rieth” with a coy smile.  Her smile returned but cautious, guarded and a little embarrassed at being caught in our moment.  She took a deep breath “Rieth it is then, Rieth what, may I ask?”  I looked at her, confusion registering on my expression, “what?”  “Uh, your last name/family name?”  I racked my brain trying to figure out how to answer that question.  I scanned the air around the market for a clue.  I overheard someone introduce themselves at another table “Tom Smith” he said.  “Oh, uh, Smith.  My name is Rieth Smith”.  “Oh yeah, I believe that” the man called Tor said getting angrier by the moment.  “Alright when market is over we will be by to help you pack up some things,” he stated.  “Tor, I am not leaving my forest.  If you want to help me, get more people to build my house so I can move out of the RV” she retorted.  “I can help” I interjected without thinking.  I’d never built a house before, especially not in this realm.  The trolls were now laughing hysterically.  How is it that no one can hear that, odd.  “Oh, have you built an earth sheltered home before Rieth?”  She asked with an excited and hopeful tone.  “Sure, a few in my rea, uh homeland.”  Why do I keep lying?  What am I doing?  I’ve completely lost my mind.  We are both surely as good as dead.  “Great!  We need all the help we can get.  People keep bailing on us and we are running out of time.  I really wanted the main structure to be complete by the time Stella returned from horse camp” she bubbled.  Bailing?  More water references?  And who was Stella and why was she at a camp for horses?  “So, you have having flooding issues?”  “What?”  She replied quizzically.  “You talked of people bailing” I replied, confused “and this Stella, is she your horse?”  Rhianna smiled, brows furrowed, eyes searching mine for an explanation.  “Ow!”  I yelled, my sudden outburst startling everyone including myself.  Garthor had clubbed me in the shin to get my attention and then grabbed my pant leg and hauled me off.  I tried to maintain some semblance of composure but when you are being clubbed and dragged off by an invisible troll, that’s a bit of a challenge.  “It was nice to meet you!  I will see you tomorrow to help, uh build your house” I smiled.  “You are such an idiot” Garthor sneered, ”you are going to get her killed.  You know she damn near saw you with that little kiss of yours?”
“What do you mean?  Saw me?” I retorted angry at being so hastily dragged away.
“Yeah, she’s not your typical human, but I think you know that.  She’s gifted, she senses things.”  He replied
“That’s the Fae in her,” I reported smiling proudly.
“Yeah, well remember the consequences if you fail and if you keep acting so weird fail you will.  She may think you’re intriguing for a while but that won’t last.”
“Did you see the way she looked at me, her blush, her smile, did you hear her heart racing with mine?”  I beamed and gushed.
“OK, shut up already, you sound like a teenage girl” scowled Garthor.  He had indeed seen all of that and knew that the situation was serious.  Riethwael needed some help figuring out how to act of this realm and he needed it fast.  She would fall for him but would it be enough to save her life?
“Alright, so she thinks you’re cute, that’s one thing, but you need to learn the way they talk, their idioms and mannerisms and such.  No one kisses the hand anymore, it’s too forward and Stella is her daughter who is at a camp learning how to ride horses.  When you ‘bail’ on someone it means you don’t do what you say you are going to do…do you see what I am saying?”  Garthor asked.
“Yes, I mean yeah”
“Better, not so formal.”  Garthor explained.  They talked for hours on their way back to the forest and after they settled for the afternoon.  Riethwael was beginning to get it but it all felt so contrived.  She could love me even if I spoke formally and didn’t understand everything that was said, couldn’t she?  The thought weighed on him as he shifted forms and found food.  He ate with the trolls and then planned his day, the first day he would go to her.  26 days left for him to win her over.  26 days.
That night, he once again slept in her tree, watching her in her nightly routine.  She ate her dinner on a blanket outside under an oak tree, with the dogs beside her.  How would she react if I were to walk out of the forest and sit beside her on the blanket?  As he watched she began playing with her dogs, they loved her so much you could tell by the way they watched her and nuzzled her adoringly.  The one female kept rolling onto her back giving Luthien her belly.  “Are you giving me your belly?  She cooed which made the dog wiggle wildly, how she did that is her current position I am not sure.  “Who is so sweet, who’s mommy’s girl?” and she buried her face in the dogs belly, kissing her, adoring her.  I felt a twinge of jealousy as I watched from the tree.  “Whose got nipple pudding, huh?  Gimme that belly”.  Her voice sweet and adoring.  The dog looked like she was smiling with her tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth.  Then she got up and dove onto Luthien, licking her all over.  Squeals of laughter came from Luthien, pure joy.  It was amazing to behold, so much love, but what of this “nipple pudding”?  What was that?  Garthor may be right about not acting weird but after this I think I just gained a little leeway.  I’m not going to let it worry me too much.  This woman was not ordinary in any way, simply extraordinary.    “Luthien” my heart sighed as she got up with the dogs, gathered the dishes and the blanket and went inside for the night.  When the last light was turned out, Riethwael tried to settle in and sleep but he was restless.  So much had happened today, his head was swimming.  He had to remember tomorrow to ask Garthor about Stella, he needed to know more about Luthien’s daughter and how she would impact his plans.  As he reminisced about the day that had passed his spirit quieted and he drifted off to sleep.
Inside the RV, Rhianna too was restless.  Who was this man she met today who claimed to be the Elf King from Killemitore?  She should think that he was nuts but somehow she believed him.  There was something oddly familiar about him even though she was certain they had never met.  The way he held her hand, the gentle kiss, his eyes so green and intense.  There was a depth that she had never seen before on any man.  How far did those eyes reach, she wanted to know and could they take her as well?  He’s definitely not from around here, I’m certain of that.  She thought to herself.  The way he held himself, regal yet awkward and nervous at the same time, sweet and gentle.  I want to know more about this man Riethwael of Killemitore.  As she closed her eyes she could see him standing before her.  His skin was pale but not in a pasty way, more like polished porcelain, smooth and flawless.  He was tall, at least 6’2 with broad shoulders, torso tucking in to a trim waist, he was lean and strong but not bulky.  You could feel the strength in his hands and his tenderness.  He would be a man that could seize you tightly, intensely but it would feel like the most loving tender embrace.  His energy was electric, sparkly almost.  His hair was a rich very dark chestnut brown, short and spiky, I almost expected it to be long.  Strange. She thought.  And his lips, soft and full a little pouty, the kind you just want to eat.  And his smile, wow, so sincere you could feel his excitement, his joy.  There was no deception in his face, no masking of his feelings; it was all there in his smile.  Bright, radiant, enthusiastic.  There was something about this man indeed.  She replayed their exchange in her mind repeatedly until she drifted off to sleep.  A deep magickal sleep where she dreamed of an enchanted land in the realm of Fae.  Riethwael was there, dressed in black robes, his dark hair flowing well past his shoulders, delicately pointed ears peaking out from his tresses.  His skin translucent porcelain and those green eyes, oh my they shimmered like jewels.  Rhianna was dressed in a long gown in the green of the forest with a veil of gossamer and lilacs woven into her hair.  He walked to her, took her hands into his and led her to a great hall.  The door to the hall was glistening like diamonds and it swung open as they approached.  He led her through and the chamber within was filled with magickal beings, elves, sprites, dwarves, gnomes trolls… everyone bedecked in their finest.  The grandeur was blinding.  Opalescent silk garland was swathed from the rafters as well as on the benches and the scent, roses, lilacs lily of the valley, jasmine all of her favorites dripping from vases, urns and chalices on every surface.  When they walked into the chamber, the music began first the lyre and then… whining. Hmmm Hmmm  Hmmm followed by grrr ruff, ruff woof wooof.  “What the…what?  What is it, what time is it?  Groan, really, it’s 6 am already?  Almost time to get up” woof woof, roof roof ruff… now the other 2 joined in “why are you so upset?”  Rhianna wondered aloud as she decided whether to try to sleep some more or to get up.  The memory of the dream wafted back into her consciousness temping her to go back to bed, that amazing dream cut short by whining and barking… Rhianna sighed, got up and put the kettle on for tea.  “That’s what I get for thinking about him as I fell asleep, my brain went on overdrive with that one” she laughed “Don’t ever wake me from a dream like that again, understand?  Unless the camper is on fire.”  The dogs tilted their heads at her with their quizzical doggy faces trying so hard to understand why she was upset even if it was slight.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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