From Mara Freeman is the following, beautiful meditation.

Come in, Brigit, you are a hundred times welcome! – Irish invocation

Once again, it is time to welcome in the early Spring and the festival of
Bride, the Goddess who brings Light and Life to the land. The ancient Celts
called it Imbolc, the time when the new lambs were born and the Earth is
beginning to thaw, and new, impossibly fragile-looking green shoots start to
emerge through the bare soil. This miraculous emergence into light is one of
the major themes of the holiday, which later came to be known as Candlemas,
the Feast of Candles. An old Scottish rhyme tells us that this is the time
when Bride emerges from the Earth, just as in the Greek myth, enacted at
this time of year as part of the Eleusinian mysteries, the goddess
Persephone came out of the underworld and Spring returned once more.

These myths are not only about the return of Spring to the land, but also
the return of the Soul – traditionally depicted as feminine – from its
dwelling in the obscurity of the subconscious mind. In the western world, we
tend to get so caught up in material pursuits that the soul is forgotten
most of the time – even though we never feel truly at home to ourselves
without that connection. At the dawn of the modern age, a poet wrote that
“affairs are now soul size.” His words are even more true today: with the
escalating crises in the world from wars to global warming, now is the time
to fully awaken into what each of us has been called to do during our time
on Earth, to emerge into a life that catches fire from the soul-flame within
each of us.

When humanity listens to the voice of the soul, rather than being seduced by
the astral glamour of consumer-driven culture, then the Soul of the World,
the Anima Mundi, will also emerge, like Bride or Persephone, from deep
within the Earth where it has been hidden, and its long estrangement from
the human race will be over. This is the true meaning behind the Quest for
the Holy Grail, a symbol of the Divine Feminine that was withdrawn from the
world when our insatiable desire for dominance turned it into the Wasteland.
For the Grail to be found, for the Wasteland to be restored to the Courts of
Joy, we must learn to become co-creators in partnership with all the Living
Intelligences of our planet: human, animal, faery or Devic.

Candlemas is marked by the lighting of candles to brighten the long February
nights. This also gives us an opportunity to rekindle our own inner flame
upon the shrine of the soul. So light your own candle this season, and as
you do so, see this tiny flame as a spark of the One Light that shines
through all the worlds. Then sense your own inner flame within your heart
and know that you, too, are a spark of the Divine. Breathe in the peace of
this knowledge, and listen to your soul telling you how to fully awaken into
Light in the emerging year.

I thank Mara Freeman for this beautifully written article.

In my home, Imbolc, February 2, is also the time to start the seeds for the garden.  Invoking the powers of Brigid and her betwixt and between energies, we are able to work in cooperation with our Faery partners for a bountiful harvest.

Blessed be to all!


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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