The Forge in the Forest

An Inner Journey Meditation to invoke Brigit:

The Forge in the Forest

Light your candle. Gaze into the flame for a few moments, then close your
eyes. You will still see the image of the flame against your eyelids.

Now imagine it is growing brighter and brighter, and go one step further and
imagine you are standing in a place filled with the warmth and red gold
light of leaping flames…

Imagine, in fact, that you are standing in the entrance to a forge in a
forest, where a blazing fire is roaring, and in front of it stands a woman.
Thick, auburn hair is tied back, but a few rippling curls have escaped
around her face. She is dressed in dark green with sleeves rolled up to the
elbows, revealing strong white arms. Brigit, for of course it is she, stands
over a large anvil where all her concentration is focused on beating a sheet
of soft gleaming bronze with a great hammer…

At last, she looks up and smiles at you warmly. She has finished her
creation and holds it up to the light of the fire for you to see. As you
look at it, it appears to continually change shape:

first it seems to be a leaf, then a globe, … and now it has become a star.
Brigit laughs deeply, musically, and tosses the star into the air, where it
sails into the night sky and takes its place among the glittering

And now Brigit turns towards you and asks: What have you come here to
create? … You tell her of your vision, whether great or small, personal or
for the wider community… and she beckons you over to the fire. As you look
into the flames, pictures start to move and you see yourself at work, filled
with enthusiasm and passion as you make your vision a reality… … You and
your creation are surrounded and shot through with the golden light of
inspiration. Brigit is there too, watching over you with love as you work,
encouraging you and filling you with confidence and creativity… If any
self-doubt or fears start to arise, see Brigit surrounding you with her
mantle of protection: a warm soft cloak of green that makes you feel safe
and inviolable… Now see yourself with your vision turned into reality,
feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride… Thank Brigit for showing you
this vision, and ask her to tell you what your first step should be towards
bringing it into reality…. Listen carefully, and ask her questions if you
need more clarity… When you have finished the conversation with her, see the
forge suddenly glow even more brightly, so that all forms and shapes,
including that of Brigit herself, melt into a

suffusion of golden light… and now see that the light is just the candle
flame reflected on your eyelids…Slowly come back to the room. Open your eyes
and write down what she has suggested. In the coming weeks, call upon Brigit
to help keep your inspiration alight.

This meditation is set to music on Mara Freeman’s CD: Celtic Spirit


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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