You’re a Diamond

This transmission came to me in the late morning on the 26th.  I was walking the dogs on my land where I always feel in deep connection to the Divine.

So, I have this facet theory that has been lolling around in my head for a month now.  We are a Diamond in totality but at birth we are fractalized into countless numbers of facets each representing a piece or path of our chosen life experience.  Every possibility is represented within the Diamond so each facet is a part of us on our path and our “journey” in this life is to “re-member” who we are by bringing back into us all of our facets.  As I think about this concept my mind gets all Hollywood.  I visualize it being a certain way.  So if I am able to contact my others and learn from them it would look like… me sitting in meditation or astrally projecting or soul travel or simply shifting my consciousness enough to access another dimension… but I would actually be there.  There would be a palpable sense of being somewhere else, being someone else, with other people… perhaps this could be the truth but by focusing on how I think it should be or even could be I am limiting the myriad of other possibilities for re-membering.

As I was walking I saw that my book and all of the threads that are a part of the story are my re-membering.  When a story comes to me it is so powerful and vivid and it consumes me until I write it down, get it out.  Before I began writing them down I thought of them simply as daydreams/fantasies that my mind conjured due to boredom or dissatisfaction with my life.  As I started to write them down though, they began to take on a life, a vitality of their own, speaking to me, leading me, teaching me.  The stories often develop themselves, leading me to wisdom and lessons in the process that I was not planning on writing.  They(my others) are speaking to me through my stories.  But I don’t fully get the lesson until I let myself fully immerse into it, let myself go.

I have to let my thoughts, my ideas and my preconceived notions about how the story should develop go and let it flow.

If I try to control it, it doesn’t work, that has been a huge part of the lesson for me, getting out of the way, clearing space in my head and my aura for them (my others) to come home.

How many of us have active daydreams that we discount?  Our society discounts daydreams all the time. If you are telling someone about a dream you had and it starts to take on any flavor or desire they ask “is this a dream or a day dream?” Night dreams have always been given more credence because our active waking consciousness is suspended so we aren’t “in control” of our thoughts.  There is more weight and value placed upon these night-time transmissions because of that.

But let’s look at daydreams… They are discounted because we are awake or conscious, they say “oh, you’re just making that up” or  “your mind is creating that.”

Exactly.  Isn’t that the point?

How is what we create consciously any less important than what we create unconsciously?  How is it less real?  Our minds cannot conceive of something that isn’t reality somewhere.  Could our daydreams be our others contacting us, showing us, wanting to be re-membered?

If your daydreams have a consistent theme or flavor look at that from a wide perspective, take a huge leap back and see, this could be your life’s theme/experience being played out, all the possibilities simultaneously happening and in your daydreams (and night dreams as well) our others are coming home, wanting to share with us their lessons, their wisdom, their piece of the experience/puzzle/diamond.  As we welcome them in, we are one step closer to the Diamond.

So, how do you welcome them back into you?  For me, it is through writing.  Allowing them to tell their story, actually writing it down making it tangible makes it reality for me, pulls it through like threading a needle.  But it doesn’t have to be writing fiction, it could be anything creative that speaks to you.  Journaling, poetry, painting, drawing, sculpture, carving, pottery, singing, writing music/songs, dancing… there are so many ways, what speaks to you?  It could be a physical activity or practice like walking through the woods (that always opens the channel for me) it could be the beach/water or a meadow or doing yoga or running or walking, whatever tunes you in but you have to pull it through.  For me, if I don’t write it down, it spins and ruminates around in my head until I do.  Sometimes though,with some pieces, talking with someone about it also pulls it through.  The point is you have to get it out of your head.

This act of sharing is your personal acknowledgement of belief in your dreams, your reality, your life, your self.  It makes it real like the Velveteen Rabbit.  If we don’t let it out of our heads we are telling our selves that we don’t believe it , don’t believe in ourselves that who we are is not real, not valid.  We want to keep our Diamond in shadow instead of allowing it to shine.  That works within our current paradigm, it works for the powers that be that want you to be an obedient sheep.

You’re not a sheep, you are the Divine having a physical experience so that you can come to know your others, the self, the world and LOVE.  You are co-creating this world we share in this moment, in each and every moment, we create what we see and experience.  That is the point!

You are already perfect.

Come home.

Start a daydream journal and polish your Diamond!


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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2 Responses to You’re a Diamond

  1. Jack says:

    I have been recently reading about our conscious, sub conscious and super conscious. This human reality of just the senses and conscious mind is such a small part of our existence. This is what I struggle with, seeing more, being more, being all. And the one fish says to the other, “just what is this thing you call water”.

    • Yes. In the Faery tradition it is the triple flame or the three walkers, the dream walker, the surface walker and the star walker, in Christianity it is the holy trinity…all traditions have their own way of showing us the true nature of our existence. We have but to open to it for it to begin to unfold. That is the path of the seeker. Blessed Be! May all of our sacred flames be aligned in union with All That Is!

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