Ascension Growing Pains…

This post is an excerpt from Dr. Suzan Caroll’s work with the Arcturians.  It very clearly explains the ascension process and how we are transforming from 3D physical beings to higher dimensional beings and what this process does to our bodies.  It is an amazing piece that was channeled in 1994.  Her website is


Dearest One,

We speak to today on the process of transmuting the density of your physical form. For many eons your planet has vibrated at a very low frequency. With the first civilizations the vibration was much higher, but it slowly be decelerated until the early 1970s, AD, when it reached its lowest vibratory rate. The planet was in grave danger of being destroyed at that time and a mass landing was planned to save it. However, enough of your population began to acknowledge and accept the higher vibration available to them, commonly known on your world as the “Christ Consciousness.”

Be aware that this vibration, although spoken of, and achieved by, the Master of Nazareth, is not associated with what is now known as the Christian Church. This church is a separatist entity which believes itself to be above other entities. The vibration of which we speak is non-denominational; it is available to anyone who seeks it without the need to denounce one’s personal beliefs or cultural background.

We believe that our lengthy explanation is necessary so that it is clear that no one will be excluded from this process of transformation. One does not have to ask forgiveness, give penance, or become a member of any organization. Christ is a title, not a name. Christ, or Christed Consciousness, is as the rays of the sun: it is available to any and all who choose to bask in its splendor. Once the choice to enter into this energy field is made, the process of transformation begins with, or without, the person’s conscious participation. Many are, and will be, making the choice to join the transformation in a manner in which they are not aware of in their everyday, mundane consciousness. Therefore, it is important that no one judge another by the appearance of the other’s life as to whether or not the person has made this choice. Spiritual growth is like microwave cooking. The center changes transformed, but the outside may look the same.

Once one has decided to allow this new vibration to enter their etheric field, the process of transformation begins. This process begins deep inside one’s psyche and is often not at all visible to the mundane reality until much later in “time.” There are many more who have made this choice than one may suspect. That is why we no longer need to intervene on your behalf. We do not wish to disturb the process of free will, which has been the basis of your planet. However, the hour is neigh for all to make the decision, because the “space ship earth” will soon be lifting into the higher vibrations.

The physical bodies of the inhabitants of your Earth will be, and already are, in the process of a great change. Many doctors of your vibration will become confused by the deterioration of old physical structures and organs that do not appear to affect the overall health of the patient. This is because there are new structures and organs that are a totally overlaid on the old denser ones. As the higher vibratory structure is ready, the old one will begin to cease its functioning and the essence of the person will be lifted to the higher vibration.

This process will be done bit-by-bit, for if it were to be done all at once, it would be too difficult for humans to keep their life force in their physical body. They would then do what is known on your planet as “die.” There are many souls who are unable to detach from the life that they have known upon this dense physical structure. They have come to believe that sensate pleasure and the desire that accompanies that experience is more important than Love. These souls will become increasingly desperate as they find it more and more difficult to obtain that which is most dear to them.

It is important that you do not judge or fear these persons. They are making their choices just as you are making yours. If you give them too much of your attention there is a danger that you can become caught in their web. Therefore, allow each one to seek their own destiny and align with those who are able to make this transition. It will be very difficult for those who love persons who are unable to embrace this process of transformation. Remember that living by example is far more powerful than preaching. Each person has their own free will and will engage in the process of their choice.

As the old, denser physical structures and organs begin to deteriorate, it will be easy for a person to be fearful that they are ill or actually dying. It is therefore important to be informed as to the true nature of the ongoing process. When the structures of your physical life begin to deteriorate, it is important to stay out of fear and to, instead, Love your higher vibratory reality. The Love vibration will help one to align with these new frequencies. Remember to release old habits and activities that were aligned with the now outdated structures. For example, the choice of one’s diet will change. The higher vibratory form will need very little food. The old, denser portion of the body will crave food, which represents a sensate pleasure to it and may become frightened and angry if it does not receive its “fix,” as it is called on your world.

An illness that cannot be diagnosed may accompany this process of transformation, as the body shuts down in order to make the transition from one vibration to another. Fear and attachment are the greatest enemies and they actually function as one. When the lower vibration does not receive the sensate pleasure that it is attached to, it will become afraid. This fear can activate a withdrawal process which can become uncomfortable. However, your earth doctors and healers are progressing as well, and they should be sought out to assist you in your process and diminish your fear.

Do not worry if your become afraid, as you most likely will. Just allow yourself to remember that this fear is part of the transformation. In a firm, yet nurturing fashion, remind the needy portion of yourself that you are changing now and the need that your body is having is no longer necessary. When one was an infant, one had to give up sucking on a breast and defecating in one’s diapers as a process of growing up. Now, there will be certain activities and foods which will gradually be outgrown. This process will take self control, but it will also proceed normally as one releases all fear.

Psychologically, old behaviors, thoughts and feelings will also be released as they can deter the process of transformation. People may even appear to be what is known as schizophrenic, as there will appear to be two of them rather than just one. Healers can assist these people to realize that they actually do have two selves, and they can choose to move into the finer vibration, or choose to stay behind in their deteriorating ego.

All of you will need to take time deep within yourselves to accept and embrace your own higher vibrations. If you are feeling very tired, it is likely because you are undergoing a deep change from the very core of your being. Be very quiet about this process and be alone as much as you need. If you write, draw, sing, or dance, your experiences, your creative force will allow you to more effectively ground your process and release you from all fear and attachment to the past.


The Arcturians


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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