A Conversation…

May 30, 2011, early am.

We request a part be shown to us or that we are led to them. If it is a shadow part it will likely be in the lower astral/the lower fourth dimension.

Like two positively charged magnets, they repel each other dancing around the fulcrum of stillness/oneness. When the two can come together in stillness they merge/unite, seeing itself in the other, seeing self in the All. The center pole of Stillness/God/Goddess/Oneness is always present in everyone. It may be hidden, memories of it lost but it is always there.

Is the center/eye at the heart or the pineal? Or both? Are there multiple centers/eyes depending on the part or does that not even matter?
It doesn’t matter, my one, you are thinking linearly again trying to assign meaning and logical labels and locations of energetic and spiritual phenomenon in your physical 3-D world. Know the center pole, the column of light, it grounds you fully connecting you to both the Divine Mother and Divine Father. You are the rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth. The energies emerge from your heart as unconditional healing love and light.  This is where you heal self and others as self or components of self. The pineal and the third ventricle is where spirit interfaces with matter. It is where you go to “know God” or better “remember your self.” This stillness or center eye that you see and visualize when you are healing and integrating wounded aspects of yourself is not in the physical body but in the etheric. This is where the wounding manifests or better where the template for the wounding is held. It then has the ability to manifest physically and most often does as the etheric holds the blueprint of your physical body. You are familiar with the saying “as above so below?” Yes, that applies here. You heal first energetically in the etheric then this healing is transmuted down to the physical body. One is the exact/perfect reflection of the other. That is why most physical healing modalities do not work long-term. When they address only the physical and not the energetic/etheric, change cannot occur. The etheric must be repaired and healed in order for healing-true healing to happen in the physical body. Yes.(Responding to a question that I had just thought of but not spoken. Smiles.) It is much like the work you learned in Craniosacral therapy. That is why you were there. Is it a surprise to you that you always felt  the incarnation vortex or groundswell as they called it and that you instinctively knew that all of the specific techniques were mind fodder and quite unnecessary when you were aligned properly? And that the work was able to reconnect you to your divine matrix opening up the portal again for you to hear us? Do you think it was all coincidence that you ended up there? Laughs.
No. I knew from the moment I heard about the work that it was of Divine making even if I couldn’t at that point articulate that. There was never any question of whether or not I would go.
     I think you’re beginning now to see the grand plan?

For me? My work?
    Yes and yes and all of it?
Yes. It feels like it is all coming together from a million fragments now down to the one… It is all fitting together, all the threads and strands all the facets, the lessons are beginning to crystallize into one point. That we all need to reorganize to our midline, the central channel, the incarnation vortex. Bring our polar parts and beliefs into stillness/equilibrium/unity thus restoring ourselves to our own Divine blueprint and remembering that we are God. The more “parts”(of ourselves) we bring together the more we heal the etheric thus healing the physical body. The more energy we have hence the more Divinity we are able to hold in channel thus creating a higher resonance frequency in this world. Thus allowing all who come within the range of that frequency to come into alignment with that and into stillness tapping into their own innate potential and Divine gifts. Healing our relationship to this physical world and our physical bodies is key. Our wounding happens in the physical so blame is assigned and fears pattern into our hyper vigilant ego mind in order to keep us alive. Since the veil is drawn over our pineal glands we cannot or do not remember who we truly are and that our physical bodies fit within the enormous glowing orb of light that it is our essence-God. Once fully activated(reconnected to out Divine Matrix) our egos and the job of our ego becomes obsolete because we cannot be harmed. Being cut off from the awareness of who we are creates the 3-D vulnerability which creates the experience. This is the 3-D matrix that we create, the in-flight movie that we are all “enjoying” in varying degrees. Learning that we have the ability (actually remembering) to change the channel at will is key. The clicker is in our minds and our thoughts and our resonance. If we resonate with fear and violence we watch “Law and Order” resonate with love, “Gandhi.”  This is such a beautiful world/ planet, she is so magical and lovely.

Can you feel her love pulsing through you? Feel the love in her abundant gifts; her plants, animals and especially trees? Connecting into her is feeling the love of our Divine Mother, her soft but strong arms around us, nurturing and protecting us. Feel the comfort of sitting in her lap, face nuzzled into her bosom. Feel her hair tickle your face, her breath sweet like a gentle and warm summer breeze. Feel the elementals and crystal and mineral beings within her. They are you. You are made of the same Stardust, you are literally one with her.  Feel her resonance in every cell, every atom of your being. Allow this vibration to emanate out in waves into your energetic body, merging you with her fully. Your destinies are entwined.
 Yes. You are seeing it all so much more clearly as you continue to heal and align it will clarify even more it will not be long now. Use the portal with your group teach them how to access it guide them back to themselves.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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