Blessed Moment of NOW

June 3, 2011 early a.m.

I just read an interesting blog about the priest/priestess and what and who they are. The author stated that they are the bridge between this world and God, the one who has a foot in both worlds, bringing Divinity to the masses and thus connecting them. There were many points in the article when I said no! We can all do that, all of us can connect to Divinity because it is who we are! While this is true on a grander scale I have to concede that it is easier for some to connect than it is for others. It is so easy for me that I assume that it is just as easy for everyone else but at this point in time that simply isn’t true. I believe this is why we are here as Lightworkers, to show the way, to be the bridge, the guiding light. My ability to connect others to their Divinity is a gift that I treasure, a role I have sought my entire life.

The author also made an interesting point about separation and how it is necessary otherwise we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate or even see the Divine. That is the whole point of this 3-D experience is it not? For the God and Goddess to be able to fully experience life apart from itself so it can then experience the ecstasy of remembering and reunion? If we fully embodied our Divinity here we would look into our eyes and see God. So what’s the lesson? We don’t fully appreciate what we have until it is gone, we don’t fully understand it until we have longed for its return. Searching for ourselves is our path, remembering who we are the lesson, reunion the point. Think of how we take our physical lives and bodies for granted. The abuse we subject ourselves to, we don’t fully appreciate our health and our strength, our life until it is threatened. Perhaps we come to know God as self in the same way. We get thrown into a video game with a sack over our heads and are given approximately 85 years give or take to figure it out. Game over. Try that again… Except that all those tries are happening simultaneously… Even I, though I feel so connected and blessed, do not fully understand the game enough to win it. If there is such a thing.

Just enjoy your life. Love yourself and forgive yourself and hold each moment in Divine gratitude then extend all of this to everyone you meet and the planet and universe. It is a beautiful world, all of it. Embrace the beauty of this moment. Live to the fullest, experience all of it. As we fully embrace each moment we enter into our midline, our internal organizing and incarnating force and when we surrender the past and the future into the Now we enter the communion of still point where the precious pitcher of gold glitter can be poured into us, infusing us with our Divine gifts. Our-Selves. We can only access this in the moment, in the Now. There’s nothing else. Can we hold this stillness as we move about our day, with all of its demands and distractions? Can we hold the sacred Divine space for ourselves and those we encounter, to allow all to be fully themselves? Without judgment without fear? Do not judge yourself if you cannot hold this place 100% of the time not many can. Forgive yourself then realign. Breathe. Remember.

It is a devotion and the practice, can you feel the support you have in this practice? Can you feel the universe showering you with love and praise and encouragement? Everyone is pulling for you, supporting you, loving you. The world needs the gift of your light! Your sweet heart, your beautiful smile, your wonderful laugh and sense of humor, your brilliant mind. Blessed is the moment of your awakening.

The blessed moment of NOW.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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