Entering the Heart of Stillness

May 31, 2011

So how do I now process the parts that have so graciously showed their beautiful and wounded faces to me? I feel I must bring them into the Light, into the midline, the vortex. I seek the facet of my diamond where I lead a life of pure service and healing that did not involve self-sacrifice. Bring the two together into the vortex, midline energies and allow my little one to see and feel her power, the pure power that comes from being in alignment with Divinity, not the ego will. She is aligned with her frail and scared human ego, she doesn’t know any other way, she made that choice when she was three weeks old in this facet, not the best of times for decision-making.

Oh my love, my dear one. Can you come to me here now? Come step into my heart’s Light, love. Feel my presence holding you, showering you in Divine Light. Can you feel me?
Yes, she responds tucking her face into my chest and shoulder.
 I want to show you another facet of our diamond, a facet where we made a different choice, were we decided to serve from within the alignment of the One, not from within ourselves, our human ego. Will you come with me?

I hold her close to me as I step into the vortex, the spinning stops as we are within the stillness now, the eye. As I stand holding her a vision comes into view. I am standing in a desert area wearing robes, am I a Buddhist nun? I think so. I am tending the sick. They have a horrible plague and are rapidly dying. I moved from person to person tending to them, lovingly with compassion. I looked to her (my little one) and she is watching, too. Her eyes wide, her heart open. She is fixated on our aura in that lifetime, it was huge and multicolored not the yellow that she is most familiar with seeing. Bright reds and oranges, violets and greens so big and robust, so powerful. She saw the lovingkindness pouring from her(our) heart as she(we) worked. But it was different, before it went out to the others it swirled and filled her aura and energy body first then extended out. The little one gasped, tears flowed down her cheeks and mine as we shared this moment of awe and gratitude for our bodhisattva self. She turned towards us. Eyes, grounded in the Divine took us in, a deep and powerful acknowledgment and she walked to us. Her aura reached us well before her body she extended her arms to us and we stepped into her embrace.
“Lovingkindness is not about self-sacrifice, it is only through learning to love ourselves so fiercely through all of our imagined failings and faults that we are even able to come to a place where we are able to love another. Until then our hearts cannot give, our intentions get circumvented through the ego mind so that we can only take. We may appear to be giving but it is merely a manipulation in order to receive. When we can fill our own cups we then have enough to give. This is the essence of unconditional love and it is the foundation of all healing and service. Without it, your acts are tainted with desires and needs.”

We acknowledge and thank her for her wisdom and guidance.

She continued,”this is not to be taken as a judgment or punishment. Merely a lesson for you to be able to bring your hearts into alignment with the One and to be able to hold forgiveness in your hearts for yourselves. This is where you begin.”
With her last word the energy once again began to swirl, we were back in the vortex the still point had ended. When I open my eyes, she(both) were gone.

Ascension is about alignment. Finding the midpoint in ourselves and all of ourselves and aiding Gaia in finding Hers. She will be aligning with Galactic center soon. When she accesses her still point this will be the moment of opportunity for us all to also align and still. When we are able to align and still we will have access to all of our higher dimensional energies and selves.

This is Ascension.

Here and now on this planet, with this beautiful planet. From this place of alignment we will have access to all of our knowledge and wisdom, our DNA, our magick. The Oneness in the here and now in physical form, a pretty remarkable event, a pretty remarkable opportunity. So how do we prepare for this moment? You keep healing and questing inward. Continue to look deeply into every mirror presented to you and step into the stillness. Surrender your fears and doubts and look, step into and open. This is not the time to turn away or play the victim, there is no blame to be placed. Take responsibility for your creation and hold it in your heart of understanding with gratitude, love and forgiveness. Allow the stillness to transform fear into love and hate into the Light of Creation. Step into the stillness, surrender the nickel in your pocket (the ego) for the pot of gold (Divine Will).

Trust. Remember. Remember who you are and call yourselves home into the heart stillness.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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