Our Creator Minds

June 15, 2011 3:49 PM

I look at our world, the world we have created, collectively, all of us. Before I saw the flaws, the destruction, the dis-ease. I was annoyed with time because I knew it was an illusion, I was annoyed with the hologram because it, too was an illusion and I was enraged at our government and the powers that be, the illuminati if you will, because they held the strings that controlled our lives. They had the power, we were powerless. Together we danced this 3-D game of power-ful and power-less never realizing that we controlled the whole game from our minds. We chose to play the role of victim, denying that within ourselves we held the Golden Key, the key to the kingdom. We chose to forget that we are able to shift our awareness and know mastery. In our place of powerlessness we look out into the world and see the wrong, the lack, the bad. We see the signature of our powerlessness written all over everything. The stillness beckons, can you see both? Can you step into the void and take in the whole game?

Can you see time? You created that. You felt you needed a way to organize your day, to track events and remember. YOU created time. What an amazing creator you are. Then you needed a way of tracking time so you created the clock! Ingenious! Then time zones and daylight savings time so that farmers have more daylight to harvest food for people to eat! So amazing, you created that. You! Look around at your creation. This world is a hologram, can you see its beauty, its perfection? You created that. The Rocky Mountains, the oceans, the redwood forest, the Alps, the volcanoes, the jungles, all of it was your creation. Feel the love exuding from your creation, see how it wants to please you, see how it responds to your touch, your thoughts, your vibration. Feel it connect with you, feel it inside of you. It is you. Amazing. We have created so many things in this Piscean age, to help us to understand our lives, to control our lives all with a blanket over our real eyes.

We created most of it out of fear… Imagine now what we will create from love, from unity.

To the powers that be, thank you so much for being our protector, our big brother. We were so smart to create such a kind and benevolent hologram to lead us. We created you from a place of fear because we didn’t know(remember) who we were and felt we needed protection and guidance. We love that we are so smart and wise and now are ready to re-create our world from love. From Unity. Join us! Come home to the Light. You don’t have to hold our darkness for us anymore.  The eclipse has shown us our shadows and we have sat with our shadow, we are no longer afraid. We have embraced you as our shadow and bathed you in Love and Light. All of our blessed creation; Democrats, Republicans, the Federal Reserve, Congress, all Departments of whatever, the FBI, CIA… All of it, even you illuminati. Weren’t we brilliant to create the secret “hidden hand?” How clever of us and didn’t they do an amazing job? Didn’t we create them perfectly? We are amazing!! So secret, so sinister, so Hollywood. Smiles. We really needed a small focal group to hold our deepest and darkest parts and wow, we created the perfect vessel! Excellent. We love you so much for holding all of that for us for so long. We realize that it couldn’t have been easy. To all of the beings in our world who chose to hold our collective darkness when we danced the Piscean dance we rain gratitude upon you.

You are superheroes!!!

It is not an easy path to follow but you did it beautifully. From the bully on the playground to Osama bin Laden… What would we have done without you playing the role that no one else wanted. Thank you.

I am you and you are me, all I see is a part of me.

My dearest Monsanto. We could never forget you. Holding so much, the will of the Light to feed so many, to making farming and growing food easier and more productive entwined with the darkest of the dark. How did you ever pulled that off? I don’t think I could have. You played hero/villain so perfectly. What we created in you was pure genius. We were able to project the whole game onto your screen and simply sit back and watch, incredible. What a performance. I am so proud.

Oh, oh, oh!! We can’t forget our Western medical establishment. I believe you may win the award for combining pure beauty in service and love with medicines that literally destroy us. What a feat! Showing us the beauty of pure intentions led by an ungrounded ego… Wow. Stunning. The heroics of your trauma care –pure excellence, shadowed by the villainy of your wellness care… So brilliant. Once again, we created the perfect blend, an amazing show.

Can you see your power yet? Can you feel your divine spark, your creator essence? Can you feel it buzzing within you, creating your every thought, feeling and vibration? You are an amazing creator. We created a beautiful world vibrating with fear. I so look forward to seeing what we can create now that we are resonating with pure love, light and unity!

4:33 PM this entire essay was created in channel during the full moon lunar eclipse on June 15, 2011.   Blessed We.

Do you have any gratitude you would like to share?  How do you love your shadow?  Post it in the comments!


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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  1. Teresa says:

    amen and amen.


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