The YOU in Unity

October 22-24, 2011

Within this 3-D construct our minds define and create our reality. There is polarity: good vs evil, light vs dark, fat vs skinny, rich vs poor, smart vs stupid, funny vs sad, us vs them. We have the governed vs government. Powerful vs powerless, victims vs victors. Constantly swinging between the poles are you right or left? Red or blue? North or South? Make a choice, pick a path, there is no choice but to make a choice. Pick a side and fight for it. Defend who you are, which is the choice you made, the side you’re aligned with. It’s life or death after all… Am I right? Or am I wrong? Within the mind, within the construct you must make that determination. That is the game, the operating system, the paradigm.

When you drop in the stillness of the heart you are consciousness. You dip into the realm of feeling, into the flow, you experience the present moment. Within consciousness we are without definition we have one choice to make will we resonate/vibrate with love or will we drop into the construct of the mind and choose fear? This is the only choice and we all vacillate between that choice all of the time. Once we choose fear we have so many other choices to make, which flavor of fear do we wish to experience today? It’s such an amazing construct that we have created to teach us who we are. This is our process, our true schooling, the most important education. Our Higher Selves choosing to drop our vibrations and leave pure love consciousness in order to experience polarity, experience fear so that we can understand truly who we are and what an amazing gift it is to be Love. For how can you truly appreciate love if you have not experienced fear?

My mind(ego) is asking a question or rather posting a challenge it says: When I drop into my heart, there is no stillness.  I feel sadness, grief, overwhelm, my wounding. Why would I want to dwell there? It makes no sense at all. I don’t want to feel pain, I don’t want to suffer, I don’t want to feel bad.”

Of course not, no one does, this is why we run away from our process. Why we keep ourselves so busy that we have no “time” to meditate, pray or still. This is why we have addictions (food, drugs, exercise, sex, anger) in order to flood ourselves with any sensation that will override our suffering, to keep us from feeling. But does any of this serve you? I mean You, the consciousness/soul You not the mind/construct you. What about that voice inside of you that longs for something greater? When we are able to listen to our hearts and hear the stories told by our wounded selves and hold them within the light of unconditional love of self then we can heal. We welcome the wounded parts home into our hearts and we are closer to wholeness. No, it is not easy but it gets easier the more you do it, and you even begin to look forward to it.

Hmpf… None of that is real.

Smiles. What is real?

I make things real…

Yes. You do. By what you give your attention to. What you focus on, what you believe, what you think. Descartes said “I think, therefore I am.” That is the construct, but it is not YOU. It is you with a game, a learning program, but it is not YOU.

That makes no sense, it’s either me or it’s not.

It is you (lowercase)within the construct meaning it is but a part of YOU (uppercase) in consciousness. YOU project yourself down into the construct which then fractalizes  you into an entire world being all holding a different part of the experience.

What?!? So now there are is more than one of me?

Laughs. Don’t you see? It’s all YOU!


All of the players/people they are all YOU! When you put them all together again you get YOU!


Okay let me say this another way. You + you + you + you + you + you = YOU.  Or Bob + Maria + Sofia + Jack + Betsy + Kevin + Zoe + Mom + Dad + Obama + Bush + Cheney + Bin Laden + Mother Theresa + Buddha = YOU!  They are all YOU! The YOU that has decided to have this experience, your Consciousness, your Soul, your Spirit.. That is Oneness/Unity… Everyone chose a different role within the construct.

I can’t believe that. You and I and you and you and you are in is with you as a you a you a you are

 OK.  You don’t have to.

Right. I have a choice!

Yes, you do. It’s called free will.

Yeah, so I can do what I want?

Yes. You can.

OK.  So, let’s say I decide to believe you…


What’s the difference between me making the choice between political parties and between love and fear?  It’s still a choice isn’t it?  So it is all the same.

Yes.  It is still a choice, the difference in any choice is awareness.  If you are aware of the choices you are making and that they[your choices] are creating your reality then you are in the YOU.  What is reality you ask?  What is real?  With awareness, your vision is 360 degrees instead of 180 degrees.  You can see the whole picture not just what your mind is showing you.  Your vision transforms from an outward reaching sense which constantly searches for the self outside of the SELF, to it’s intended inward drawing sense.  You call to you the reality that you desire and it is at the same time drawn to you by your clarity and resonance.  You step from the judge’s bench(where you define yourself based on what you see) to the Creator’s Throne (where you create yourself and your reality based on how you feel).

So if I feel like shit I create shit, then?  How is that better?


So you’re saying that is what I am doing?

Are you?

Why should I even care anyway?  I’m here, you’re not so you have no idea.

Am I not there with you?

I don’t see you anywhere.

But you hear me?  You are talking to me right now are you not?

I guess.  I’m probably just crazy.

Laughs.  Then you must be close.

[Ego of human rolls eyes.]

Let me leave you with this to ponder Dearest One.  Still yourself and sit with this “question.” 

Y (why) O (owe) U (God/Goddess)?

Namaste and Brightest Blessings.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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2 Responses to The YOU in Unity

  1. John Sacelli says:

    This exchange came in through my email, around my recent discussion of ‘Mayan End Date’, just as I opened your blog; thought you might find it relevant:

    On Oct 24, 2011, at 11:29 AM, Jeff wrote:
    John said…
    where Calleman misses the boat is in his tendency to see the Mayan Calendar as not linked to the physical context in which it takes place. He separates Spiritual Time Cycles (the Mayan Calendar) from Mundane Time Cycles (conventional calendars, as well as both Astronomy and Astrology)

    When I read this I shouted YES! These are the words I need to explain something I have always known. Not only are there overlapping cycles, but what people do with that energy also shapes the timing of the cycles. You may have heard me say “astrology is easily manipulated”. What I mean is that people have a choice in what to do with these cyclic energies. Some resist, some swim with the current, others float along, and with practice you can make yourself so transparent that the wave passes right through. After you get the hang of being transparent, you can begin to pick and choose the energy you want to absorb. Of course sometimes there are things that are more than you can handle. These are times to observe and learn.

    Somewhere in this process is the concept of “trades” or “Karma currency”. I am confident we can negotiate how energies effect us. We can trade three small life events for one big one. The inverse is to disperse big events into smaller ones. About 4 years ago I had a dream of being in a severe auto accident on Lake street. In the next two weeks I had two small auto accidents. One of them occurred about 10 minutes after I drove through the intersection in which I dreamed the accident. Somehow I traded 2 smaller accidents to replace the big one.

    My mind is done venting now.
    Have a perfect day,

    You’ve gone a couple steps past what I was saying here, but I’m with you all the way. Yes, when we stay in our center, we have the choice to incorporate what we choose of the shifting energy dynamics, or let them pass by. Takes skill acquired by hard work and practice to, in the biblical phrase, be ‘in it but not of it’, but it’s doable as we keep learning. And what we do take in, is energy, and can be reshaped and sent back out. Eventually we will learn to reshape our DNA, the weather, history, as well as the ‘few-ture’ (primary outcome directions from each present energy).

    Oh, and Good Trade! Dreams and Prophet-Sees are intended not so much to reveal ‘what will be’, as to change it.


  2. Excellent! Thanks John and Jeff!

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