A New Resolve…

December 29, 2011
My dream: I was standing, leaning against the counter and Bob was across from me. Between us, sitting on the floor was a mutual friend of ours. This friend looked up to me, eyes expectant and said ” if I asked you to go to botanical eve with me, would you go?” I replied ” yes, of course I would.” She answered “really? After everything we’ve done to you? You would go?” I simply said ” yes” eyes smiling I hugged her ” I love you.” The love in the embrace felt like melding with the Goddess so sweet, pure, beautiful. As I remembered the dream while awake I thought ” wow, that was a real Goddess moment!”

Then it began to settle into my Heart of Being.

We are all the players in our dream-scape so this “friend” in my dream was actually me and the “we” in her statement “after all we’ve done to you?” were also me, parts of me who had turned away from my Light, the Light, from All That Is. The parts of me who rejected my/our Divinity, our truth, those who were not ready to hear it or live it. They longed to come home but were afraid that the Great Mother/our Divine Self would reject them… Not even possible. We/they were welcomed home into a deep love that they had forgotten existed, forgotten was possible.

This was interesting that I had this dream after our intention setting meditation/ritual the night before during our Healing Light Circle.

The only intention my Higher Self wanted me to set was to “love myself fiercely.” That was it. Only one.

But it is from here that all peace and balance is born, the seat of true altruism.

It is the step that we most often skip in our personal process often because we must wade through some pretty difficult experiences and emotions to get there. It involves the willingness to look into our shadow and embrace with gratitude and forgiveness all that we see. It is about admitting when we were wrong and accepting full responsibility for our life, this life we all share and create.

It is about coming home.

And isn’t that what this journey is all about? We set out on this 3D adventure because we know that it will be challenging, fun and exciting. We know how amazing it will feel when we begin to remember who we really are and even better when we embrace ourSelves again. Isn’t part of the fun of going away in returning to the comfort and familiarity of home?

Wow, what a vacation this has been!

When I’ve talked about loving ourselves in the past I have been criticized for preaching selfishness and that this (loving ourselves) was the root of what was wrong with this world. That loving ourselves made us greedy, selfish and narcissistic. Hmmm…that is not LOVE that you speak of my friend. We can spend all of our time trying to fix the world from the outside in but isn’t the real intention healing/fixing ourselves? If we do not begin from a solid grounding in unconditional self love then everything we do, all the love and healing light we send out into the world has strings attached.

And all the strings lead back to us.

If I find a cure for cancer then everyone will love me, then I will be worthy of love…then I can love myself. If I feed the starving, stop war, end all abuse…you fill in the blank…not that any of these intentions are bad, they are wonderful. But, they wouldn’t even exist if we completed step #1-love yourself. If we all loved ourselves fiercely there would be no war, no hunger, no abuse.

All atrocity is born from the vacuum of lovelessness. Created to draw to it the very thing that it lacks. Love.

Love yourself! Love yourself! Love yourself!

And as you do feel the ripple across the cosmic fabric of creation. Know you are a part of All and that to love yourself is loving all Beings; all Creation. There is no separation. Cut the strings of attachment and pull them home into your Heart of Being then radiate the Golden Rays of Self Love into the cosmic web, bathing all of life in the splendor of you!

This will be the topic of our podcast this week, join us!


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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One Response to A New Resolve…

  1. Lola says:

    You never cease to amaze me. Bravo!

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