Don’t “Die-It”…”Live-it!”


We often wonder why diets fail…we lose weight but then as soon as we stop “dieting” the weight comes back often two-fold.

Looking at the word “diet” will lead us to our answer. “Die-it” When we “die -it” we are attempting to kill a part of ourselves that is undesirable or in the word of our culture “fat.”

What is fat exactly? Insulation, padding. What does insulation do? Protects. If fat were to have a catch phrase it would be “I protect.” Who is our fat protecting? This is the question that begs to be answered.

At the heart of every insulated soul is often a deeply wounded and frightened part. This part seeks the protection of a larger form so as to ward off any potential victimizers. It makes sense. From an “I’m bigger than you” primordial viewpoint.

It is never “what” we eat but WHY we eat.

When the wounded one within us is allowed to make out decisions (which she/he is when we are unaware/unhealed) they will encourage us to eat whatever feels good, brings comfort and whenever we feel uncomfortable emotions in an attempt to stuff them down with food. So yes, from this place we don’t often make the best decisions, we eat when we are not truly hungry and continue to eat when we are full, we eat things (I cannot always quantify them as actual food) that elicit other/better feelings. We may remember from our childhood being given items to eat when we felt bad and these items will stimulate a cellular memory response of “feeling good.” These often become our go to foods when we feel activated. Now you may say that “my go to food when I feel bad is broccoli and apples, they can’t make me fat!” Well, we must return to the premise of “it’s not what you eat but why you eat.” If you are eating to self sooth- to pad and protect, your energetic vibration of your intention is what drives creation, so you could drink water and still gain weight. It is less about chemistry and more about energy.

Getting back to the word “diet” now. How do think the wounded one within you feels during a “die-it?” Do you think she/he feels loved? Protected? Nurtured? Heard? Probably not.

Most people “die-it” not from a place of fierce self love but from a place of fierce self-loathing. The wounded one feels this and will respond in the only way it has to protect itself, eating. I acknowledge that not all Beings “die-it” from a place of self-loathing, but they are not the norm and typically they are the ones who can successfully lose weight.

When you begin eating mindfully and from a place of intense self love and joy life begins to shift. When we take the time to truly listen to the one who cries out within us, hear their story and guide them home to a place of healing within our hearts, everything changes. Not only do we eat less, we seek foods that energetically nurture us and fill us with joy and love. We find that because we are nurtured from within, being more connected to Source energy, that we need less energy from other life forms (food). We become more self sustaining entities that thrive along with the trees and plants that are extensions of our Dear Mother.

Once again loving ourselves and honoring ourselves is the key.

Do not “die-it”, “LIVE-IT” or better “REBIRTH-IT.” Rebirth yourself as a sacred Being of Divinity whose vessel is an accurate reflection of your Spirit, whatever form that is.


About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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