Remember Your Truth, NOW

Now, more than ever, we need to stay grounded and committed to the love in our hearts and our belief that our world is free and safe.  Do not allow media manipulation and “events” to sway the course and focus of your heart.  Remember who you are.  Remember who we all are…  There are no accidents.  I stand united and in allegiance with all Beings of this planet, no exceptions.

You are LOVE

You are Peace

You are Safe

Never Forget That.

You create your reality with the thoughts that are spinning around in your head, right now.  Is that really what you want?

Remember Love.



About Maria Falce

Maria is a spiritual writer and a self-love warrior with a deep and diverse background in both the culinary and healing arts. She is most passionate about guiding people to connect with their inner voice, a midwife to the joyful birth of inherent authentic creativity that lives within us all.
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