You could say this journey started a few days before my 44th birthday September 2010 but that would not be entirely accurate.  To be precise, this journey has been ongoing over many lifetimes and many realms; September 2010 was my grand awakening.  I say “grand” because in retrospect, I have been awakening my entire life.

I awoke the morning of September 16th from a very vivid dream.  It was a love story unfolding between an Elven King and a mortal woman.  As I went about my day I began to realize that the story did not end, it was yearning to be written down.   This was the day I finally acknowledged Riethwael, truly heard his words.  He spoke to me nightly in dreams and throughout the day.  I wrote furiously 4 to 5 hours at a time, schooled my daughter in the afternoons and then wrote again after she went to bed sometimes until 3 am.  This went on for a month.  In all of that time one lesson was clear to me because he kept repeating it over and over it was that while I was writing, that the book was only for me.  It was my education, learning to quiet my mind so that I could hear him and not color his words with my own judgements and fears.  For those of you who know me, this was no easy feat.  I have a very active mind and it did not take kindly to being asked to still itself.  As I filled notebooks it became easier and I found myself throughout the day talking with Riethwael, learning from him, receiving his wisdom.  Opening and surrendering to this part of me has been a profound gift in my life.  It has awakened me on levels that I didn’t know existed and has allowed me to clearly see my gift as well as my life path.

The story is being told now to ready us for the global shift in consciousness coming in 2011.  There are many out there who wish for all of us to remain asleep so that the status quo may continue.  Our Elven brothers and sisters are here to help us awaken so we are able to traverse the wave and embrace ourselves.  Our current way of living and thinking is no longer sustainable; our fear-based beliefs keep us mired in violence and illness. Living in a constant state of fight or flight has exhausted the planet and us.  The 3rd dimensional world we inhabit taught us to believe that we live in a “uni”-verse and separated us from our gifts and wisdom, our higher selves as well as our other selves.  We struggle to maintain “balance” while feeling alone and isolated.   The 4th dimension exists along with the 3rd and is the astral plane where we interface our physical realities with our emotions.  With this shift to the 5th dimension we will once again have access to our whole selves, our gifts and awareness of our world as a “multi”-verse.

We are not nor have we ever been alone in this world, it is merely part of all of our paths, finding our way back to wholeness, to Love.

On this journey, all Spiritual paths are honored, as all paths are valid.  This journey is not about religion; it is about Love.

Also in this vein, there is a lot of information out there regarding the shift.  Use your inner authority to guide you.  There is truth in much but some may not resonate with you that is OK, listen to that.  Just because Spirit guides my words, does not mean they will work for you, I honor your truth, I am but one voice.

As this is a love story, some content may not be considered by some to be appropriate for younger readers, much of it will be though so please read and screen material as needed.

I encourage everyone to comment and ask questions as they come up.  It is important to maintain an open dialog and my channeled answers are usually delightful.

Are you ready?

Blessed Be.



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