Merry Meet
The essays contained on this site are all channeled writings. Whom do I channel?  The Being(s) that hold the highest Truths for me, my Higher Selves.  I have been guided in my meditation that it is important for me to share my process with others. Only you can decide whether their words speak truth for you as well.  I am by no means the only voice out there, you must seek your own truth.  I have chosen to edit minimally and only for basic grammar and spelling.  What this means is that the essays may at times seem disorganized, that is sometimes how the information comes through.  It may be my brain getting in the way forcing them to say the same thing in many different ways until it makes sense.  Some essays will simply stop and feel incomplete, it is because they are.  I may have been interrupted by my daughter or one of the dogs and never returned or they may have told all they wanted at that point and we will revisit it later.  Often times, asking a question will reopen the process and it can reach a point that at least feels complete.  It is all process, I am by no means the perfect channel, my brain likes to think and I have many distractions in my life, all of that can make the entire process challenging.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions as Spirit moves you!
Blessed Be

To read only the essays click on the “the essays” link in the right sidebar under categories.


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