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EarthDeva Oracle Spring Sale!

Yay!  Spring has sprung and with it new life, new opportunities and fresh beginnings!  I love Spring for the all of it’s abundant possibilities!  As I walk around my property and through my neighborhood, I welcome back old friends.  Dead … Continue reading

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EarthDeva Oracle Coloring Book

Coming this Spring!!  EarthDeva Oracle Coloring Book!  Enter the ancient path walking with and learning from the Devas!  Sign up here for this information about this special introductory offer!

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Faery Pesto

Faery Pesto Ah, the joy of Faery.  Always here to delight and heal, the Shining Folk have such appeal.  They tend our Mother, hold her dear and guide us to our healing mirror.  The plants they tend, we call them … Continue reading

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Chapter Four

Rhianna stared out the camper window as she waited for the kettle to whistle, then made her tea and went outside with the dogs to sit on her boulder at the edge of the path to watch the sunrise.  Her … Continue reading

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“Wisdom does not consist of trying to wrest the good from the evil but in learning to ‘ride’ them as a cork adapts itself to the crests and troughs of the waves.”  Bruce Lee In one of my first encounters … Continue reading

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From the Cave of Voices

Don’t assume that you know anything.  Approach each day and each moment as a child full of wonder and curiosity.  Be open to receive and you shall.  

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Chapter One, Part 1

In the magickal space between thought, between breath, lies the Confluence.  A mystical crossroads of all realities, realms and dimensions… What lies in wait for you in the Confluence? My name is Riethwael; I am an elf.  I guess that … Continue reading

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