Drops of Essence

Stars falling, drops of soul

Fragmenting through the cosmic mirror

Shrapnel embedding…shredding…hearts regretting

Always forgetting…the blood for the letting.



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Immerse YourSelf in the Rhythm of the Seasons

Kindred Root is now offering an Herbal CSA!

Community Supported Agriculture is a fun way of supporting your local farmer/herbalist while enjoying the bounty of the season in new and unique ways!  Buying a seasonal share up front allows me to invest more deeply in my business, so I can better support my community.

What can you expect in the share?
Seasonal goodies from my yard and kitchen to your home.  Wild foods, wild medicines, an herbal  project and a chapter from one of my EarthDeva Oracle Books!  It’s an herbal adventure!  Get all of the delicious details here!

The boxes are available for pick up in St. Joseph, Michigan and in Chicago, if I can get at least 5 members in the Chicagoland area.

I have also put together a medicine only box that is available for shipping to anywhere in the usa.

Plants offer us connection.  To the Earth, and to our Selves.  Are you ready to rediscover the joys of eating wild?

Join us!

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I am not the hero

I stand alone, in shadow, holding the collective to my  heart, weeping together.

Our time together is fleeting, yet as precious as breath…we all know how this ends.


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Happy 2017!

dandelion2017meme newyear2017meme

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I Stand with Standing Rock

Hello Friends!
Like many of you, I am deeply troubled by the injustice happening in North Dakota right now.  I have been searching my heart for how I can serve.  Since I cannot physically be there and my funds are limited, I feel the best way I can contribute is by sending medicine.  I will be making  healing salves in convenient to hand out and carry 1/2 oz tubes for the #waterprotectors.  This includes Boo Boo Sticks, Sore Muscle Salve, Breathe! Salve, Burn Stick and Body Butter.  But I cannot do this alone.  Until our water is safe, 10% of sales at my web store, kindredroot will go toward this cause and I will be accepting donations (both here and at my website) to help me pay for it (mainly the containers).

Contact me for more details.  Thank you.

Fred Rogers always said when things are bad, look for the helpers.  It is time that we become the helpers.  We must do whatever is within our power to stand with and support the people at Standing Rock.  They are fighting for each and every one of us.  They are fighting for our mother, the Earth and they cannot do it alone.  We are #inthistogether and if we can stay together, we are strong and powerful beyond imagining.  Together we can turn the tide of hate and desecration in this country and in this world.  In Love and Solidarity.  Maria

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What Shows Up

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EarthDeva Oracle Spring Sale!

EDOSpring2015Cover copy copy

Yay!  Spring has sprung and with it new life, new opportunities and fresh beginnings!  I love Spring for the all of it’s abundant possibilities!  As I walk around my property and through my neighborhood, I welcome back old friends.  Dead nettle is blooming already and garlic mustard is right behind.  I see fresh purple hued sprouts of stinging nettles as well as the first succulent leaves of my precious dandelions.  I even saw some violets blooming!  If you have been longing to get to know your green allies, now is the perfect time and my EarthDeva Oracle coloring and activity book is the perfect companion.  Loaded with photos, recipes and plant information, EarthDeva Oracle will guide you through your garden and introduce you to 13 new friends who will take you on a journey of discovery…not only of them but of yourself.  Now through April 15, the Spring Equinox download is on sale for only $4.95!!  That is $10.00 off the regular price!  Crazy, I know.  Grab your download here, today!

ChickweedColoringPageViolaInfoPage copy

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Blessed Solstice 2015

Yule OrnamentOn this important night, let us all remember our power, our light and the amazing connection we have to everything and everyone.  Allow your hearts to rest in the Mother’s womb to be reborn into Wholeness.  The journey is not at it’s end but at a glorious new beginning!  The Solstice means stillness and it is a time to rebirth ourSelves!  To step into the void and create from the place of pure potential…on this darkest of nights, anything and everything is possible.  What will you create?  Brightest Solstice Blessings to all!

It was a dark night when the Oak King lay down on the forest floor to rest. “I am so weary” he said “I will rest here for a bit then continue on.” But the Oak King never woke, he slept on into the night as a light snow blanketed him.

As he slept, the Tree Mother approached quietly so as not to wake him. “Ahhh” she whispered, “it is time.” She tenderly laid her hand upon his forehead and breathed the forest through her. As she did, the Oak Kings’ form began to tremble and shift and he melded with the forest floor, swallowed into the womb of the Earth.

“Where has he gone?” the faery children cried. “He is with the Great Mother now.” Tree Mother replied. “But what will we do without him?” “We wait.” she said. “He is not lost to us my ones, only resting. He will rest in the womb of the Great Mother to grown young again.” “Grow young again?” they chorused. “Yes. Tonight, we hold vigil with Her, the Great Mother as she labors through this the night of nights. Go now and prepare, light all of your candles and set your hearths ablaze. For she is birthing the Sun back to us to warm the world.” The littles scurried off and set about making their forest homes glow. Tree Mother called to her fire and sat in deep meditation. We are with you Great Mother, we moan with you, move with you, we shall light the way and push with you. When we satiate our thirst yours, too will be sated. For we are one with you on this night and always.

As she sat the wee ones gathered around her. They chanted, they sang, they sat in deep communion with the Great Mother. All night, they held vigil as all good midwives do.

Just before dawn, Tree Mother rose and began walking toward the highest hill. The littles fell in behind her. Silently, they walked until they reached the highest peak, then they waited. With one last great effort the Great Mother shrieked and groaned and the sky exploded with glorious Light! Cheers arose from the forest and around the world and all the people and critters and beings danced with joyous hearts for the Sun had returned! Born of the darkest night to Light the world.

This, too happens for each of us individually. Allow the Sun to be reborn in your hearts, allow the Light of your Inner Being to shine like a beacon through the longest darkest night.

The wheel turneth and we begin again. Blessed be the Light!

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EarthDeva Oracle Bound Books are Here!

AllThreeBoundSpring, Summer and Fall!  Get them all, spiral bound and ready to explore.  And, they are on sale through the Holiday Season.  Winter Solstice Book is in the works.  Check them out at KindredRoot.com.  Order by December 15 for Yule/Christmas delivery.  Love!

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EarthDeva Oracle is Live!

EDOSpring2015Cover copy copy

When I began this journey years ago, I had a vision of delighted humans of all ages, out in nature, connected and glowing.  Feeling the joy that I feel every time I step outside and put my feet on our beauty full Earth.  The idea made me buzz with excitement.  Yet at the same time filled me with fear.  Fear that I was not good enough, fear that I couldn’t produce such a book, fear that no one would buy it…hear me…see me.   Life is funny.  In time, I saw that my fears are what kept me invisible and feeling small.  That voice in my head was not truthful.  It was afraid of being hurt, laughed at…ridiculed. With love, compassion and time, I have healed the wounding connected to that voice.  You can, too.

This journey that we can take together is unique and powerful!  It is a journey of discovery, not only of nature and plants but of your unique self.  The beauty full Light that emanates from within you.  That Light fuels your creativity that brings joy to life.  This creativity is our signature, our individuality and it permeates all aspect of our life, even those aspects that seem devoid of creativity…like history or math…

There is a sad trend occurring in our world today.  A devaluing of art.  Artists are being asked time and again to give their work away for free, to do it for the publicity…just for the joy of creation.  This is  not OK.  It is disrespectful to the Soul.  Our Soul and the Soul of the world.  What would life be like without art…music, paintings, dance…it would be a dark and boring place.  But if we accept, collectively, to this idea that an artists work has no monetary value, then it will die.  Artists deserve to be supported just as much as doctors or lawyers for without art, without creativity…the Soul withers.

I had a friend tell me that I should lower the price on my book.  That I was asking too much.  Not because he saw no value but because the market would not support it.  Well, I don’t agree with that.  I cannot.  For if I succumb to this logic, I am devaluing my art, my creation, my Soul…and I am asking you to do the same.  I will not do that.

I love your beauty full Soul.  I want to see if shining brightly, daring greatly and creating amazing works that support you fully.  To be true to these words, I must adhere to them as well.  I do.  I will.  I am.

Introducing!!  EarthDeva Oracle earth-centered coloring and activity book for humans through all ages.  Here are a few pages to give you an idea of what you will receive.  It is available for download now at KindredRoot.com

Much Love and many Blessings!


CatsearColoringPage ChickweedColoringPage ChickweedInfoPage copy DeadNettleInfoPage copy


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