Anything You Need to Know About Writing a Poetry Essay

What is a poetry essay? A poetry essay is an evaluation of a poem. The elements that we can analyze are including topics, feelings, sounds, and words which the poet applies in the poem. When you want to write a poetry essay, your analysis should include word choice, message, topic, and rhythm. There are should be an introduction and a conclusion in your essay.

What to Write in a Poetry Essay


An introductory paragraph is an introduction of the poem you analyze. First, you need to write down the poem’s title and the name of the author. Second, write a summary of what the poem is about. We will give you the example of a summary of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “The Raven”:

This poem narrates about a man who is longing his lover that is gone and attracts to a raven which can only speak a word: nevermore.

Writing a Poetry Essay
Writing a Poetry Essay

Language and Imagery

It is an important aspect to write the poetic language and imagery you can find in the poem. You can explain whether the poet applies vivid and exact vocabulary to give the readers detailed images or not. And also you can explain what kind of literary device that the poet uses to clarify the meaning. By writing these explanations and give your analysis of detailed examples from the poem will make your poetry essay easier to follow. You can find a great example of a poetry essay from the internet too as an inspiration and it guides you on how to start writing it.

Sense and Sound

The next one is by paying attention to the sense and sound. You need to analyze whether the poet use meter and rhythm in the poem to give the readers meaningful sound or not. Besides that, you can analyze the diction and vocabulary if there are some words can appeal to the reader’s five senses. So, you can write in your poetry essay the way the poet selected the words to create a meaningful sound. You can find ABCBBB rhyme scheme in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. That rhyme scheme can give the readers a stronger melancholy sense.

Writing a Poetry Essay
Writing a Poetry Essay

Feeling and Emotions

In your poetry essay, you can put the analysis of feeling and emotion whether the poet gives the readers a mood or feeling or not. Can you feel the poem gives you a response to be emotional? Those feelings and emotions can reveal what the poet tries to say to the readers through the poem. “The Raven” poetry essay mostly written about the use of melancholy word repetition and choice, as well as the scary raven, and the emotional feeling how the man lost Lenore, so the readers can feel the despair and sadness of the poem.


Every ending of an essay closes by a conclusion, and so is your poetry essay. Explain what the poet’s intention with the poem and give your reason whether the poet successfully aims that goal. Strengthen your opinion by giving examples from the poem.

Introduction and conclusion are the most important things you shouldn’t miss. Of course, it is very important to select the poem you are going to analyze before you start writing the essay. Once you found it, it means that poem is noteworthy and that’s why it deserves for you to discuss and explores. Don’t be afraid to share what you think and strengthen your opinion by showing the proof from the poem or the background of the poet. You can read more about the poet’s short biography to find the answer if there is any relationship with the poet’s life and the poem you are analyzing. Good luck!

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