Use Literary and Critical Analysis to Write High Quality Poetry Essay

Writing poetry essays for some students is not as simple as they think. There are so many things to consider. Writing high-quality academic papers related to poetry is one of the most difficult writing projects and the most challenging tasks for some college students. Students who take literary class usually will need to study more on how to write an essay that focuses on the poetic works. Some of them find difficulties on how to start writing an essay. When we talk about writing poetry essays, it is very different from some other forms of writing. That is why before you write the essay, you better read a simple guide so you will get a better understanding about what you must write and where to start. When you can write a high-quality essay, you will help all readers to understand more about what you write. If you like to be a professional writer on writing essays, you can check some tips here.

poetry essays
poetry essays

About Literary and Critical Analysis

You need to use Literary analysis. What is literary analysis? This analysis helps some readers to better understand the literary works. There are some points to know and check when you write an essay on poetry. You need to be careful in examining and evaluate a poem. There are some aspects to examine such as figurative language, cultural context, genre, and also a theme of the poem. All writers need to understand the goal of poetry.

Literary and Critical Analysis
Literary and Critical Analysis


You do not only need to use literary analysis but you also need to use critical analysis. There are some elements that you must consider such as the use of tone, structure, rhyme, figures of speech, rhythm, and some other things. How to start your essay then? You can focus on several elements such as:

– Focus on the composition on the poem’s topic

– Write one idea that will govern and it can be developed to the long essay

– Organize your writing in the right way. You must explain the meaning of the poem very carefully

Conventions to Follow 

Each of the poems will have meaning. The meaning should be delivered in the right way. You must be able to write what the author wants to say through his or her poem or literary works. It is good to find the social background or other aspects related to the author of the poem because some poems are written based on the reality or the life experience of the author.

analyzing poetry
analyzing poetry

In analyzing poetry, you better consider some things below:

– you must use present tense rather than the past tense

– you must use quotes from the original poems and then explain what they mean

– you must add outside criticism to make your analysis strong. You can find some points from some famous critics that are relevant to your arguments too.

– Some experts recommend you to use MLA or the most common citation format for your essay.

For all of you who want to write your poetry analysis, you can choose to use literary analysis and critical analysis. You need to follow some conventions too in writing your poetry essays.

Fairies World that You should Know

Are you curious about fairies? Fairies are popular with other words. They are sometimes known for the FairOnes or Fae. They dominate almost every magical and esoteric tradition worldwide. You can find a lot of stories about fairies who like interacting with us in a catastrophic or benevolent way. Even though humans find differences within the tradition, you can still find the similarities too. And of those things is the forbidden Faery Food.

About Fairies

Before humans coming to the planet, some people believe that fairies were the first creature occupied this place. They spread almost in every planet in this world. Since they scattered around the place, you can see them in the forest, rivers, and lakes. Some of them also live in the seas and mountains. Fairies claim that this world belongs to them. It is an essential thing to remember when humans see them.

Fairies World
Fairies World

Humans and Fairies

Fairies took interest with humans when humans live around the Realm of the Fairies and This is the reason why you can many stories that fairies finally communicate with us at the Dawn of our civilization. Most of the fairies’ stories you can find are about:

  • Humans are enchanted by fairies as a defense mechanism or do their bidding
  • Humans falling in love with fairies
  • Playful fairies send tricks to humans
  • Children are kidnapped by fairies and put the changelings instead to replace them

Realm of the Fairies with Human

Humans should go to the Realm of the Fairies when they want to interact. Sometimes fairies themselves decide to visit ours. Even though some say that fairies hate the way we act. Humans can interact with fairies when there is:

  • A determination

A human works her or his magic to go to the Realm of the Fairies

  • An accident

A human can’t figure out the way back to her or his world and ends up entering the portal of the Realm of the Fairies

  • A Faery food
Fairies World
Fairies World

A human tries the forbidden faery food to meet the fairies in the Realm of the Fairies.

  • An invitation

A human has got an invitation to enter the Realm of the Fairies. And this way is very rare to happen since the fairy has difficulty to be interested in humans. In this way, that chosen person has her or his destiny to be an amazing queen or king, a wizard, a witch, or even a good leader of spiritual.

So, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about fairies. Do you still believe in them?

Faery Food: The Forbidden One

Are you interested in a faery world? Do you want to write an analysis of faery food in your essay? Then let’s take a look at our article about the forbidden faery food you should know. It may help you understand the faery world in poetry or story related to it and the part you want to analyze.

The Faery Food that is Forbidden

Faery food is powerful, yet a tricky thing. In history, there are powerful king and queen, fairy doctors, and popular wizards possessed faery food secretly. Even though the food is undeniably attempting, it has an unknown risk for human. But what is it? Faery food is regular food that all the fairies consume. It is sometimes food from the Realm of Fairy.

Food from the Land of Fairy

Those who had the chance and lucky enough to taste the Faery Food described it as a heaven in The taste was excellent. In a description, faery food is pretty the same as wheaten-bread drenched in red wine and honey. If you are one of the luckiest persons who have the chance to taste it, you have to rejects it respectfully.

Faery Food
Faery Food

The Effects of Faery Food

  • Access to the Fairy Land

You will be able to know how fairies live in their world once you taste the faery food. However, the tricky part is that the fairies will not make you see it easily. Some of the people even didn’t return to the real world.

  • Magical power

Besides faery food can be a powerful heal and love spells, it can turn you out to an animal. You can’t control the ability since the power depends on how powerful the magic is in the human’s body.

  • Enchantment

Once you taste faery food, you will not feel full. You will eat it more and more and never get enough of it. You will think that human food is not interested in anymore. That’s why some people say when you can visit the Fairy Land you will act weird since their world is uniquely peaceful and beautiful. Some say you might be possessed by a fairy.

Faery Food
Faery Food

So, when you want a fairy to come over to your house, you should offer it food. Fairies like bread, cake, milk, cupcake, and something sweet. But, they only consume the astral or essence energy of the food. You can’t consume it after the fairies since the food will go bad. Now, would you like to taste the faery food?

3 Things to Check Before You Publish Your Poetry Essay

Are you going to publish the poetry essay you have finished? Wait for a second! There are 3 elements you should check before handing your essay to your teacher or publish it on your media platform. You should write these 3 elements in your to-do-list note, once you are sure you have done it in your essay.


Generally, the conclusion is at the end of your essay. You emphasize your last opinion of the poem by giving comments and quotes in this part. In conclusion, you state your opinion about whether the poem is a success or fail and support it with some details. Conclusion is very important part since the reader will summarize your whole analysis of the poem from the beginning. Your opinion must relate to the content of the poem. You may add the poet’s background if there is any relation with the poem.

Publish Your Poetry Essay
Publish Your Poetry Essay

Reflect your Understanding

In your essay, you should use your own words. Don’t forget to let your readers know that you fully understand with the poem you analyze and you can interpret it based on several proofs taken from the poem. You will get an immediate nice impression by showing your understanding with intelligent comparison, poetical devices, and quotes to support that you know what you are writing.

When you add your imaginative material such as and opinion, your mark will be better. It provides you more ideas to keep your writing style in its track without getting out of place. Explore is a great word worth to consider when you analyze a poem. The reason is it increases an adventure since that is the aim of a poetry reading activity.

Publish Your Poetry Essay
Publish Your Poetry Essay


Before you decide to hand your work to the teacher or publish the essay, proofreading activity will pave the way. You should read your essay several times thoroughly until you are sure there is no mistake and it is understandable to readers. Even though you need to make sure that your essay has no correction, you don’t need to worry if the reader or examiner finds the flaws. Your flaws will not be a significant matter unless they find a lot of mistakes and confusedness in your essay! If you have time, you can write an extra paragraph with related context. Ask your family or friends to proofread your essay too if they have time. Their feedback can be worth to note since they are also the reader of your essay.

That’s all the tips you can notice. Once you have finished writing the essay, make sure you have done all those 3 tips. Good luck!

3 Top Tips to Make Writing a Poetry Essay Easily

If you have an exam challenge to write a poetry essay, then this article might help you through it. Some of the aims of writing a poetry essay are to comment, compare, and explore diverse poems that you have chosen. You usually need to write it with certain emphasis on the effect, form, and content the poem gives to the reader and the explanation too.

Here are the top 3 tips to help you with writing a poetry exam easily. By following these 3 steps, it will help you get a great mark especially if it is a writing exam.

Writing a Poetry Essay Easily
Writing a Poetry Essay Easily

Write Relevant Content as the Priority

One of the important elements to write a good poetry essay is to keep writing relevant contents. Make sure your essay includes subject matter that you want to analyze. If your teacher gives a question to answer, you should answer it! A lot of students usually forget to answer the important question or elements that need to be revealed, since they write a lot of things out of topic.

An example of a question you have to answer: “Write a poem analysis by paying attention to the connection between subject matter and language!” It means that you need to be a focus on subject matter and language. You can also give supporting information from the mood, content, structure or content and other factors that have a relation with the question.

Style of Writing

Styles of writing you should portray in your poetry essay are simple, clear, and bright. Avoid using jargon or too technical since you’ll have the least score. Just be natural and your writing will make sense more. Read again and asses your writing to avoid confusion for your readers.

Writing a Poetry Essay Easily
Writing a Poetry Essay Easily

Read the Poems Thoroughly

Even though you already read the poem in the class, doesn’t mean you master all of the contents of the poem. Read it again at home and pay attention to the line per line. Make sure you understand the meaning of it and the reason how you know it. If there are any difficult lines to follow, you may check the poet’s background or other studies which analyzed the same poem. Spending a minute or two is worth it to have fully evaluation towards the poem especially the important parts.

If you like making a plan as you read it, don’t forget to write down your opinion on the notebook. It will help you form your essay when you start writing it. Cross out your opinion one by one when you have written it down on your essay.

Those are 3 top tips to write a poetry essay easily. Paying those 3 tips and you will produce a great poetry essay for your teacher and readers.