Use Literary and Critical Analysis to Write High Quality Poetry Essay

Writing poetry essays for some students is not as simple as they think. There are so many things to consider. Writing high-quality academic papers related to poetry is one of the most difficult writing projects and the most challenging tasks for some college students. Students who take literary class usually will need to study more on how to write an essay that focuses on the poetic works. Some of them find difficulties on how to start writing an essay. When we talk about writing poetry essays, it is very different from some other forms of writing. That is why before you write the essay, you better read a simple guide so you will get a better understanding about what you must write and where to start. When you can write a high-quality essay, you will help all readers to understand more about what you write. If you like to be a professional writer on writing essays, you can check some tips here.

poetry essays
poetry essays

About Literary and Critical Analysis

You need to use Literary analysis. What is literary analysis? This analysis helps some readers to better understand the literary works. There are some points to know and check when you write an essay on poetry. You need to be careful in examining and evaluate a poem. There are some aspects to examine such as figurative language, cultural context, genre, and also a theme of the poem. All writers need to understand the goal of poetry.

Literary and Critical Analysis
Literary and Critical Analysis


You do not only need to use literary analysis but you also need to use critical analysis. There are some elements that you must consider such as the use of tone, structure, rhyme, figures of speech, rhythm, and some other things. How to start your essay then? You can focus on several elements such as:

– Focus on the composition on the poem’s topic

– Write one idea that will govern and it can be developed to the long essay

– Organize your writing in the right way. You must explain the meaning of the poem very carefully

Conventions to Follow 

Each of the poems will have meaning. The meaning should be delivered in the right way. You must be able to write what the author wants to say through his or her poem or literary works. It is good to find the social background or other aspects related to the author of the poem because some poems are written based on the reality or the life experience of the author.

analyzing poetry
analyzing poetry

In analyzing poetry, you better consider some things below:

– you must use present tense rather than the past tense

– you must use quotes from the original poems and then explain what they mean

– you must add outside criticism to make your analysis strong. You can find some points from some famous critics that are relevant to your arguments too.

– Some experts recommend you to use MLA or the most common citation format for your essay.

For all of you who want to write your poetry analysis, you can choose to use literary analysis and critical analysis. You need to follow some conventions too in writing your poetry essays.