Faery Food: The Forbidden One

Are you interested in a faery world? Do you want to write an analysis of faery food in your essay? Then let’s take a look at our article about the forbidden faery food you should know. It may help you understand the faery world in poetry or story related to it and the part you want to analyze.

The Faery Food that is Forbidden

Faery food is powerful, yet a tricky thing. In history, there are powerful king and queen, fairy doctors, and popular wizards possessed faery food secretly. Even though the food is undeniably attempting, it has an unknown risk for human. But what is it? Faery food is regular food that all the fairies consume. It is sometimes food from the Realm of Fairy.

Food from the Land of Fairy

Those who had the chance and lucky enough to taste the Faery Food described it as a heaven in The taste was excellent. In a description, faery food is pretty the same as wheaten-bread drenched in red wine and honey. If you are one of the luckiest persons who have the chance to taste it, you have to rejects it respectfully.

Faery Food
Faery Food

The Effects of Faery Food

  • Access to the Fairy Land

You will be able to know how fairies live in their world once you taste the faery food. However, the tricky part is that the fairies will not make you see it easily. Some of the people even didn’t return to the real world.

  • Magical power

Besides faery food can be a powerful heal and love spells, it can turn you out to an animal. You can’t control the ability since the power depends on how powerful the magic is in the human’s body.

  • Enchantment

Once you taste faery food, you will not feel full. You will eat it more and more and never get enough of it. You will think that human food is not interested in anymore. That’s why some people say when you can visit the Fairy Land you will act weird since their world is uniquely peaceful and beautiful. Some say you might be possessed by a fairy.

Faery Food
Faery Food

So, when you want a fairy to come over to your house, you should offer it food. Fairies like bread, cake, milk, cupcake, and something sweet. But, they only consume the astral or essence energy of the food. You can’t consume it after the fairies since the food will go bad. Now, would you like to taste the faery food?