How to Write an Outline of a Poetry Essay Analysis

An outline is very important to help you organize your opinion. You should write an outline before writing a poetry essay analysis. We have collected some handy tips for you on how to outline your essay.

An Outline of a Poetry Essay Analysis

An outline should be a simple, yet clear. It is your guideline to build the outline into a complete sentence and paragraph. First of all, write down the title of your essay on the top of the page. Second, write down number 1 after you write the word “Introduction”. In every number you make, you share your opinion or ideas for the paragraph of introduction you are going to build later. The thesis statement of the paper should be the dedication for the portion of this part.

Outline of a Poetry Essay
Outline of a Poetry Essay


If you are confused on how to start your essay, you can open it with something basic like a statement from the poem or an engaging quote as the title of your essay. Jump to the introduction make sure you choose something that can hook the reader’s attention. Tell the reader about the author and the title of the poem. Adding an informative short background of the author can also entertain your readers. At the end of your introduction, you can state your thesis in your poetry analysis.


The opinions that you have collected needs an explanation in a focused, clear way. Every paragraph should have the dedication to a certain feature or point of what you are comparing when you write your poetry analysis. There is a simple trick to write the paragraph easily which is by dividing every point by applying the corresponding letter taken from your outline. Just focus on make your writing relevant and specific about the comparison. The example is when you state your opinion about the role of the poetic device in the poem you need to make sure you mention one particular sample, not in general. To make your paragraph flowing well for your readers, you can use transition phrases or words.

Outline of a Poetry Essay
Outline of a Poetry Essay


Finish your poetry essay analysis with a conclusion since it is important to summarize all your analysis. First, you can start by rewriting your thesis differently. Summarize the most essential findings with the proof. From here, you can shortly draw a conclusion and state what your main idea is. Last but not least, try to make something memorable for your reader to take away. It can be a thought-provoking question or sentence about the poem.

Introduction, body, and conclusion are surely the three parts of the poetry analysis essay you shouldn’t miss. Are you ready to write now?