The Structure to Review a Poetry Essay

The Structure to Review a Poetry Essay. To review a poetry essay is certainly more difficult than a regular poetry reviewer whose lyrics are short. Because poetic essays are longer with more complex discussions.

To make a review of a poem whether it’s an essay or lyrics, is, in principle the same where the reviewer must understand and understand the situation in the poem.

That is, he can sort out the beauty behind poetic essays and other pithy material delivered by the author.

For those of you who want to make a review of poetry whether it’s ordinary poetry or poetry essays, read this article to the end.

The General View About Poetry Review

The Structure to Review a Poetry Essay
The General View About Poetry Review

In essence, the reviewer is a consideration or discussion about a book, poem, novel, or other stories including films. The context of this consideration can mean opinions about work to be it literary, visual, audiovisual, and so forth. Also read some useful tips here.

To review a poetry essay, there must be a methodology used. This methodology will make your reviewer more structured. So, what is a poetry essay? Essay poetry is a written work in the form of poetry that is essayed and in it explains or gives a picture of an event or event. Thus essay poetry is certainly different from ordinary poetry or known as lyric poetry.

The Structure to Review a Poetry Essay
The Structure to Review a Poetry Essay

Differences can also be seen from the content of the material where lyric poetry tends to involve imagination, symbolic language, metaphors, and so forth. Even though the form is a poem that is essayed or told, sometimes essay poetry still involves imagination or fiction

Poetry Essay Reviewer

The Structure to Review a Poetry Essay
Poetry Essay Reviewer

If you are asked to make a review of poetry, especially poetry essays, there are certain structures that must be followed, such as:

Knowledge of poetry essay themes

Here the reviewer must be able to see the theme of the poem. This theme can also be linked to various aspects such as The situation that is happening right now, Time Social problems, and so forth.

In other words, if the theme is easily understood or accepted by the community, it will indirectly create public interest to read it.

The word used

Words used in poetic essays or diction should also be described. Does it involve easy-to-understand daily words or deeper literary languages?

That is, you should be able to see the intonation and relationship word for word in the poem directly.

The feeling of the writer

Here, please describe the feelings of the writer when writing the essay poem, even though such feelings are quite difficult to describe.

Because sometimes stanza per stanza will create different emotions. And this comes from the writer directly.

Well, feelings are also related to mood. So please just describe the mood in the writing.

The figure of speech

This point can be added or not. The reason is that it depends on the form used by the writer.

In speech figure lyrics, poems are sometimes portrayed in hyperbole. In the context of poetic essays, there are similar depictions of speech figure and some that are not.

If you have to add it, go ahead. But still, pay attention to the majors in the poem so that your reviewer is not wasteful or not objective.

Another context

This other context still involves the review structure in general, such as:

  • Author, publisher, year of publication, author award, author background, and author profile and publisher
  • Background of the story in general
  • It also involves editors, translators, editors [if any], and other elements contained in the book publishing catalog.
  • Your response to the novel [contains criticism, enter or other things that are not involved authors]
  • Weaknesses and strengths of essay poetry compared to poetry in similar categories
  • And so forth.

Those are the structures that you have to consider to review a poetry essay.

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